Name Category
ABR Associates Accountants 432, Stratford Rd
ABR Chartered Certified Accountants Accountants 432, Stratford Road
AZH Services Accountants 131, Formans Rd
Ivan Tyrell Legal Services Accountants 4, Baker St
Simba Computers Accountants 169, Stratford Rd
M J Reeves Advertising Agencies 178, Stratford Rd
Network Marketing Advertising Agencies 12, Nansen Rd
Cogent Screen Print Advertising Agencies 3a-5b, Nansen Rd
& Events Advertising Agencies 581, Stratford Rd
Gohil Emporium Art and Craft Shops 381, Stratford Rd
Sai Datta Sarees Art and Craft Shops 359, Stratford Rd
Cut Price Fabrics Art and Craft Shops 11, Oakwood Rd
Adalat Clothes Stores Art and Craft Shops 349-351, Stratford Rd
Fashion 2000 Baby Products 445 Stratford Road
Bubbles Baby and Childrenswear Baby Products 798, Stratford Rd
Priority Area Playgroup Baby Products 477, Stratford Rd
D D Jewellers Baby Products 355-357, Stratford Rd
Nashad Jewellers Baby Products 527, Stratford Rd
Amyma Jewellers Baby Products 505, Stratford Rd
Zaibs Collection Baby Store 396, Stratford Road
Aaina Baby Store 681a, Stratford Road
Aanchal Boutique Baby Store 450, Stratford Rd
Aashiqui Baby Store 493, Stratford Rd
Dip Yum Cakes Ltd Bakery 1a, Alfred Rd
Dessert Bakery 775a, Stratford Rd
Fillings Bakery 304, Warwick Rd
Baked 2 Go Bakery 786, Stratford Rd
Cravings Bakery 554, Stratford Rd
Mrs Magic Party Balloons Balloon Party 458, Stratford Rd
The Flower Studio Balloon Party 152, Warwick Rd
Habib Bank AG Zurich Bank 671-675, Stratford Rd
TSB Bank Bank 538, Stratford Rd
United National Bank Ltd Bank 391-393, Stratford Rd
Ahmeadey Barber Shop Barber 72, Stratford Rd
Chand Mobile Barber Barber 133, Newton Rd
Fades Barber 172, Stratford Rd
J A Barbers Barber 117, Stratford Rd
Shivon's Barber 499, Stratford Rd
Slumber Dream Ltd Beds and Bedding 21, Albion Rd
C F S Carpets and Furniture Beds and Bedding 548-550, Stratford Rd
Heritage Carpets Beds and Bedding Unit 2a-2b, 45-47, Formans Rd
S.K Carpets Beds and Bedding 18-23, Alfred Rd
Karl Hassan Beds and Bedding 22, Ryland Road
An Nur Book Shop 825 Stratford Road
Computer Bookshops Ltd Book Shop 205, Formans Rd
Kashmir Book Centre Ltd Book Shop 523, Stratford Rd
Knowledge and Wisdom Book Shop 844, Stratford Rd
Professional Typing Services Bookkeeping Services 47, Formans Rd
Unity FM Broadcasting Services Stratford Rd
John Parr Estate Agents Building Surveyor 458, Stratford Rd
Global Real Estates Building Surveyor 807, Stratford Rd
M A Z Associates Building Surveyor 164, Stratford Road
Paul & Sons Ltd Building Surveyor 427, Stratford Rd
Shah Estates Building Surveyor 464, Stratford Rd
Travel Places Business Travel Agents 828, Stratford Rd
Farooq Travels Business Travel Agents 346, Stratford Rd
Rashid Travel Business Travel Agents 364, Stratford Rd
Tariq Travel Business Travel Agents 743, Stratford Rd
Ikra Butcher 600, Stratford Rd
Bates Wholesale Butchers Butcher rear of 350, Stratford Rd
Birmingham Halal Meat Centre Butcher 669, Stratford Rd
Formans Meats Butcher 5, Formans Rd
Sahara Gate Butcher 168, Stratford Rd
Alhalal Birmingham Ltd Butcher 711-713, Stratford Rd
Bourke Stores Butcher 203, Stratford Rd, Sparkbrook
Mideastsat No.1 Cable and Satellite TV 147 Stratford Road, Sparkbrook
Pearce Electric Cable and Satellite TV 246, Warwick Rd
Sangeet Video Cable and Satellite TV Unit 14, Newton House, 456, Stratford Rd
Smart Tv Centre Cable and Satellite TV 369, Stratford Rd
Spark-Tronics Cable and Satellite TV 426, Stratford Rd
Tecvision Cable and Satellite TV 831, Stratford Rd
Lazeez Lounge Cafe 132, Stratford Rd
Babalhara Cafe 145a, Stratford Rd
Channi's Indian Restaurant Cafe 795, Stratford Rd
Desi Khana Cafe 706, Stratford Rd
Jyoti Vegetarian Restaurant and Sweet Centre Cafe 569-571, Stratford Rd
Love Cake Cake Makers 569, Stratford Rd
The Bass Bin Car Audio Systems 482, Stratford Rd
F & S Auto Electrics & Satellites Car Audio Systems 45, Baker St
Auto Evolution Car Audio Systems 95-97, Baker St
T.J Tandy Car Audio Systems 5a, Oakwood Rd
M1 Recoveries Car Dismantlers 145, Stratford Rd
Rapyal Repair Centre Car Dismantlers 302, Stratford Rd
Alamo Rent A Car Car Hire 683-687, Stratford Rd Car Hire 683-687, Stratford Rd
National Car Rental Car Hire 683-687, Stratford Road
SRS Travel Car Hire 380, Stratford Rd
Insure Line Car Insurance 618, Stratford Rd
Insureline Car Insurance 618, Stratford Road
Mermaid Insurance Services Ltd Car Insurance 823, Stratford Rd
Formans Tyres Car Repairs 45, Formans Rd
Midland Tyre and Motor Repair Service Car Repairs Unit 5, 388, Stratford Rd
Birmingham T.U.C Centre For The Unemployed Career Advice 448, Stratford Rd
E3 Victim Support Scheme Career Advice Methodist Church, 40-46, Warwick Rd
European Institute Of Human Sciences Career Advice The Bordesley Centre, Stratford Road
Midland Education Training Services Career Advice 206, Warwick Rd, Greet
Pertemps Employment Alliance Career Advice 636a, Stratford Rd
Central Flooring Carpet Shops 692, Stratford Rd
Global Catering Equipment Catering Equipment 90, Stratford Rd, Sparkbrook
Mushtaq's Food Machinery Catering Equipment 440-444, Stratford Road
Kegmaster Table Ware Catering Equipment 77, Warwick Rd
Ramsey Plumbing Heating Central Heating Service 157 Cateswell Road
Solar RGB Central Heating Service 94, Park Rd
John & Pat Central Heating Service 44, Thornhill Rd
Mighty Q China and Glassware 486, Stratford Rd
Zeens China and Glassware 775a, Stratford Rd
Euro Fashion Clothing Wholesale 8-11, Alfred Rd
Golu Design Clothing Wholesale 384, Stratford Rd
City Pace Ltd Commercial Estate Agents 300-302, Stratford Rd
R & L Removals Commercial Removal 190, Formans Rd
Central Design Services Commercial Removal 692, Stratford Rd
Sparkhill Social and Cultural Centre Community Centre 641, Stratford Rd
Tyseley & District Community Association Community Centre Tyseley Community Centre, Formans Rd, Tyseley
St Johns Church Community Centre St. Johns Rd
Sparkhill Pool and Fitness Centre Community Centre Stratford Rd
Claims Assist UK Ltd Compensation Claims 680, Stratford Rd
Gateway Management Compensation Claims 380, Stratford Rd
RMS Claims Compensation Claims 775A, Stratford Road
B A Solicitors Compensation Claims 436, Stratford Rd
BSH Hasan Solicitors Compensation Claims Falcon House, 643, Stratford Rd, Sparkhall
Safaaz Solicitors Compensation Claims 535, Stratford Rd
Specialist Computer Centre Computer Accessories James House, Warwick Rd
Visionet Computer Accessories 533, Stratford Rd
Thakor Technology Computer Accessories 17 Florence Avenue, Poplar Rd
Futurescope Computers UK Ltd Computer Accessories 204, Warwick Rd
AZ Communications Computer Accessories 712-714, Stratford Rd
21 Next Gen Ltd Computer Consultants Unit 4, 1, Oakwood Rd
Healthcare Consultancy Counselling and Advice 510, Stratford Rd
UK Money Xpress Currency Exchange 411, Stratford Rd
UK Travel and Money Services Currency Exchange 593, Stratford Rd
Yasin MSB Ltd Currency Exchange Rear Of, 437, Stratford Rd
Gill Dairies Ltd Dairies 45a, Formans Rd
Westley Dental Laboratories Ltd Dental Technician 430, Stratford Rd
A.A Emergency Dental Services Dental Technician 543, Stratford Rd
Oakwood Surgery Dental Technician 26, Oakwood Rd
Optical Clinic Dental Technician 837, Stratford Rd
Dr MD Agarwall Dental Technician 220, Warwick Rd
Drs V.K & S Rajput Dental Technician Springfield Medical Practice, 739-741, Stratford Rd, Springfield
Springfield Surgery Dentist 183, Woodlands Rd
STSK Consulting Design Consultancy 839, Stratford Rd
M K Print Design Consultancy 138, Stratford Rd
Stylo Print Design Consultancy 138, Stratford Rd
Haf-Design Works Design Consultancy 124, Nansen Rd
A.I.D.R Ltd Detective Agency Suite 2, 412, Stratford Rd
Security Guards UK Ltd Detective Agency 70 Park Road
Choices Galore Cash and Carry Ltd Discount Centre 792-794, Stratford Rd
It's A Knockout Discount Centre 722, Stratford Rd
Park General Stores Discount Centre 606, Stratford Rd
Banks Opticians Dispensing Opticians 467, Stratford Rd
EYE 2 EYE Dispensing Opticians 814, Stratford Rd
Park Laundry Dry Cleaners 236, Warwick Road
Monique Tailoring and Alteration Centre Dry Cleaners 461, Stratford Rd
Stitch Plus Dry Cleaners 37, Formans Rd
1ic's Dry Cleaners 784-786, Stratford Rd
Vic's Dry Cleaners 784-786, Stratford Rd
Advance Pharmacy Dry Cleaners 839, Stratford Rd
A-star Maths Tuition Educational Services 296, Warwick Rd
Name Category
Brown Owl Education Extra Educational Services Stratford Rd Baptist Church, Stratford Rd, Sparkbrook
Birmingham Professional College Educational Services 449b, Stratford Rd
Zamin Bros Ltd Electrical Appliances Retailers and Suppliers 212 Percy Road
A & T Appliance Centre Electrical Appliances Retailers and Suppliers 501, Stratford Rd
Appliance World Electrical Appliances Retailers and Suppliers 716, Stratford Rd
Power Point Electric Electrical Appliances Retailers and Suppliers 521, Stratford Rd
RM Electronics Electrical Appliances Retailers and Suppliers 747, Stratford Rd
Delux Domestic Appliances Electrical Appliances Retailers and Suppliers 707, Stratford Rd
T & S Appliance Electrical Appliances Retailers and Suppliers 341, Stratford Rd
Simpsons Estate Agents 701, Stratford Rd
Anmol Fabrics Fabric Shop 535, Stratford Rd
Glamour Fabric Shop 361, Stratford Rd
Khan Textiles Fabric Shop 466, Stratford Rd
Khoobsurat Fashion and Fabrics Fabric Shop 447, Stratford Rd
Midland Textiles Ltd Fabric Shop 517-519, Stratford Rd
Milans Enterprises Ltd Fabric Shop 389, Stratford Rd
Nagina Textiles Fabric Shop 719, Stratford Rd
Nasimtex Fabric Shop 365, Stratford Rd
Sabah's Exclusive Designer Wear Fabric Shop 507, Stratford Rd
Home Choice Fancy Goods 545, Stratford Rd
Pound Plus Fancy Goods Ltd Fancy Goods 338, Stratford Rd
Bangle Accessories Fashion Accessories 715, Stratford Rd
Chohan'S Fashion Accessories 513, Stratford Rd
Diamante Palace Fashion Accessories 470, Stratford Rd
PK Umbrellas Ltd Fashion Accessories 29, Stratford St
Saana's Fashion Accessories 591, Stratford Rd
AKZ Smart Fashion Fashion Designer 456b, Stratford Rd
Fancy Textile Fashion Designer 375, Stratford Rd
Nass Fast Food Ltd Fast Food 373, Stratford Rd
Home Finance Financial Brokers 468, Stratford Rd
Insurance Mortgage Investment Centre Financial Brokers 806, Stratford Rd
More 2 Mortgages Financial Brokers 380, Stratford Rd
The Mortgage Centre Estates Financial Brokers 775, Stratford Rd
Bens Fast Food Fish and Chips 817, Stratford Rd
Usmani Chicken Fried Fish and Chips 348-350, Stratford Rd
Aroma Spice Fish and Chips 242, Warwick Rd
Park Dixi Fish and Chips 822, Stratford Rd
Cash & Carry Tile Warehouse Flooring 940, Stratford Rd
Muslim Funeral Service Florist 304, Stratford Rd
Qasim Footwear Footwear Suppliers 760, Stratford Rd
A 2 Z Sports Footwear Suppliers 587, Stratford Rd
Omar Footwear Footwear Suppliers 834, Stratford Rd
Payal Footwear Suppliers 433, Stratford Rd
United Footwear Footwear Suppliers 926-928, Stratford Rd
Usmania Furnishers Ltd Furnishers 478-480, Stratford Rd
Lesley Brittle Furniture and Pmj Furnishers 93, Formans Rd
Newton Kitchen Furniture Manufacturers and Designers 458, Stratford Rd
Games-Plus Games Shop 751, Stratford Rd
Crown Video Games Shop 2, Solihull Rd
Hollywood Videos Games Shop 779, Stratford Road
Sparkhill Video Games Shop 514, Stratford Rd
Top Ten Video Games Shop 698, Stratford Rd
Absolutely Gardens Garden Designers 33, Nansen Rd
Vanat's Glass Decorators 325, Stratford Rd
Azad Supermarket Groceries and Convenience Stores 479, Stratford Rd
Chaudry Supermarket Groceries and Convenience Stores 734-738, Stratford Rd
General Groceries Groceries and Convenience Stores 238, Warwick Rd
Hassan Supermaket Groceries and Convenience Stores 712a, Stratford Rd
Medina Supermarket Groceries and Convenience Stores 802-804, Stratford Rd
Homezone Hardware store 710, Stratford Rd
Home Proud Hardware store 807, Stratford Rd
Trade & Save Hardware store 720, Stratford Rd
Miss Fitness Centre Health Club 389, Stratford Rd
Millennium Sports Health Club 335-337, Stratford Rd
Ultimate Sportswear Health Club 812, Stratford Rd
Vic's Sports Health Club 784-786, Stratford Rd
Cell Health Health Club 116, Woodlands Rd
Nuri Cosmetics Ltd Herbalist Unit 4-6, Newton House, 456, Stratford Rd
Specs Direct Herbalist 396, Stratford Rd
Sovereign Community Support Ltd Hostel 1st floor, 132, Stratford Rd, Sparkbrook
Zambesi Project Hostel 185, Stratford Rd, Sparkbrook
The Bear Hostel 686, Stratford Rd
Elite Properties Housing Association 563a, Stratford Rd
Central Properties Housing Association 410, Stratford Rd
Greengate Properties Housing Association 13, Formans Rd
Home Link Housing Association 563, Stratford Rd
Ideal Lettings Housing Association 396a, Stratford Rd
Ahmadzai Lawyers Immigration Service 385, Stratford Rd
Sehgal & Co Immigration Service 456, Stratford Rd
Qube Legal Immigration Service 563a, Stratford Rd
White Castle Trust Ltd Immigration Service 421, Stratford Rd
The Local Balti (Smithswood) Ltd, Indian Restaurant 24, Thornhill Rd
B T S Supplies Ltd Industrial Clothing 692, Stratford Rd
Warwickshire Clothing Industrial Clothing 48 Warstock Road
Neighbourhood Advice and Information Information Services 641, Stratford Rd
St. John's Learning Centre Information Services 10, Court Rd
Sparkhill Library Information Services 641, Stratford Rd
Fast Internet Coffee Internet Cafe 809, Stratford Rd
Hido Businesses Internet Cafe 536, Stratford Rd
Bismillah Jewellers Jewellers 362, Stratford Rd
Direct Asian Jewellery Claims Ltd Jewellers 401, Stratford Rd
Dubai Jewellers Ltd Jewellers 679, Stratford Rd
Gold City Jewellers Jewellers 367, Stratford Rd
P P Jewellers Jewellers 820, Stratford Rd
Zain Jewellers Jewellers 35, Formans Rd
Treadwell Shoe Repairs Key Cutting 774, Stratford Rd
Protectall Security Group plc Key Cutting 445b, Stratford Rd
Interpreting and Translation Services Language Schools and Language Courses 476a, Stratford Rd
Leather Master (Private) Ltd Leather Goods 421, Stratford Rd
Springfield PO Library 830-832, Stratford Rd
West Midlands Police Museum Library within Sparkhill Police Station, Stratford Rd
Platinum Limos Limousine Hire 610, Stratford Rd
L.A Sport and Leisure Menswear 787, Stratford Rd
Pro-Tex Clothing Menswear 829, Stratford Rd
Rana Textiles Ltd Menswear 916-918, Stratford Rd
High-Finish Casting Ltd Metal Casting 259, Cateswell Rd, Hall Green
Glassy Boys Mobile Bar Hire 77, Warwick Rd
Blade Communications Mobile Phone Repairs 567, Stratford Rd
Sim City Ltd Mobile Phone Repairs 182, Stratford Rd
LH Vale-Onslow (Motors) Ltd Motorcycle Parts and Accessories 98-116, Stratford Rd
Thunder Road Ltd Motorcycle Parts and Accessories 8, Baker St
R & G Spares Motorcycle Parts and Accessories 84, Stratford Rd
Shetland News Newspapers and Magazines 344, Stratford Rd
Hamd House Nursery Nursery Schools 177, Woodlands Rd
City Service Station Petrol Stations 128, Stratford Rd
Alcock, May and Iles Ltd Pharmacy 566, Stratford Rd
Alliance Pharmacy Pharmacy 553-555, Stratford Rd
Brook Pharmacy Pharmacy 282, Stratford Rd
Laser Pharmacy Pharmacy 9, Oakwood Rd
Masters Pharmacy Pharmacy 741a, Stratford Rd
Olive Tree Pharmacy Pharmacy 463, Stratford Rd
Sparkbrook Pharmacy Pharmacy 153a, Stratford Rd
Mirchi Fast Food Pizza Delivery 542, Stratford Rd
Pizza Rapido Pizza Delivery 788, Stratford Rd
Pizza4every1 Ltd Pizza Delivery 46, Wilton Rd
The Chicken Hut Pizza Delivery 370, Stratford Rd
Sparkhill Freight and Travel Ltd Printers 377, Stratford Rd
Khan Palace Restaurant 368, Stratford Rd
Xpress Baguettes Sandwich Shop 813, Stratford Rd
Inspire Healthcare Services Ltd Sanitary and Hygiene Services 285 Warwick Road
Mansuri School Clothing 764, Stratford Road
Stratford Sewing Machines Sewing Machines 352, Stratford Rd
Downes Shopfitters Shopfitters 1, Oakwood Rd
Central Suspended Ceilings Shopfitters 692, Stratford Rd
Young Choice Specialists Clothing 547, Stratford Rd
Sublime Sports (Private) Ltd Sports Suppliers 421, Stratford Rd
R2PK.Com Ltd Stockbrokers 593, Stratford Rd
Mukhtar Supermarket Supermarket 528-532, Stratford Rd
Sardar Supermarket Supermarket 530-532, Stratford Rd
Sohail Supermarket Supermarket 278a, Stratford Rd
Tawakal Food Shop Supermarket 158, Stratford Rd
Watan Supermarket Supermarket 712, Stratford Rd
Zia Tailors and Textiles Tailors 503, Stratford Rd
Tattooz by Steve Tattoos 819, Stratford Road
Adalat Textiles Textile Services 6-8, Warwick Rd
KSM Textile Ltd Textile Services 502-504, Stratford Rd
Drink Zone Video and DVD Hire and Retail 435, Stratford Rd
Madamoiselle Photography Wedding - Beauty Services 9, Doris Rd Wine Merchants 77, Warwick Rd
J.R & Sons Women Clothing 749, Stratford Rd
Malika Women Clothing 420, Stratford Rd
Posh Boutique Women Clothing 413, Stratford Rd
Roshni Clothes Retail Women Clothing 665, Stratford Rd
Saheli Women Clothing 403, Stratford Rd
Sangeh Mar Mar Textiles Women Clothing 515, Stratford Rd
Sitara Women Clothing 415-417, Stratford Rd
Name Category
Style Women Clothing 511, Stratford Rd