Name Category
Hashams Halal Poultry Co Abattoirs 74, Charles Road
Birmingham Halal Chicken Co Abattoirs 403, Coventry Rd
Classic Supermarket Abattoirs 296, Hob Moor Rd
Green Lane Halal Abattoirs 533, Green Lane
Sheikh Bros Halal Meat and Chicken Centre Abattoirs 574, Coventry Rd
The Mad Butchers Abattoirs 550, Coventry Rd
Rahman & Co Accountants 580, Coventry Rd
Mortgage Bazaar Accountants 541a, Coventry Rd
John Russell Insurance Services Accountants 536, Coventry Rd
Milner Newman Financial Associates Accountants 387, Coventry Rd
Gem Associates Accountants 376, Coventry Rd
Sara Park Play Centre Activity Centre Sara Park, Herbert Rd
Olympia Fitness Centre Activity Centre 438, Coventry Rd
British Association for Adoption and Fostering Adoption Agency Dolphin House, Coventry Rd
I R M Adoption Agency Dolphin House, 54, Coventry Rd
Asian Community Advisory Services Adoption Agency 487, Green Lane
Asian Welfare Association Adoption Agency 352, Green Lane
Birmingham City Mission Adoption Agency Mount Pleasant, Coventry Rd
Kishmir Travel Ltd Airlines 522, Coventry Rd
Pak Travels Ltd Airlines 530, Coventry Road
Umrah and Hajj Specialist Ltd Airlines 495A Coventry Road
Parjatan Travel Group Ltd Airlines 491, Coventry Rd
Euro-Bangla Travel Agents (UK) Ltd Airlines 548a, Coventry Rd
Mian Travel Ltd Airlines 608, Coventry Rd
SiS UK Ltd Architectural Services 15, Hob Moor Rd
ZS Partnership Ltd Architectural Services 469, Coventry Road
Inter Projects Management Ltd Architectural Services 469, Coventry Rd
H A Ayub Architectural Services 59, Wyndcliff Rd
Zodiac Creative Consultants Ltd Architectural Services Kerrmead House, 45, Green Lane
Small Heath Amateur Gardeners Social Club Ltd Associations 167, Hob Moor Rd
Harmony African and Caribbean Day Care Centre Associations Harmony House, 101, Herbert Rd
Right Start Foundation International Associations 98, Golden Hillock Rd
Heartland Older People's Forum Ltd Associations 375a, Coventry Rd
3 Cue Snooker Associations 332, Coventry Rd
Club 147 Snooker Associations 360, Coventry Rd
Dyson Auctions Auctioneers 668, Coventry Rd
Golden Estates Auctioneers 580 Coventry Road
CBS Properties (Small Heath) Ltd Auctioneers 387, Coventry Rd
Oak Tree Estates Auctioneers 622a, Coventry Rd
Simpsons Residential Ltd Auctioneers 1, Dora Rd
Surelock Homes Auctioneers
Cheeky Brats Baby Products 470, Coventry Rd
Love & Roses Baby Products 314, Coventry Rd
Kashmere Jewellery House Baby Products 376, Green Lane
Kashmir Jewellers Baby Products 549, Coventry Rd
Khalid Jewellers Baby Products 549, Coventry Rd
Mohammedi Jewellers Baby Products 384, Green Lane
The Uppercrust Bakers Manufacturers and Wholesale 344, Coventry Rd
Bismillah Bakery Bakers Manufacturers and Wholesale 1, Dora Rd
Medina Bakery Bakers Manufacturers and Wholesale 48, Golden Hillock Rd
Fakir Halal Doners Bakers Manufacturers and Wholesale Unit 2, 19-23, Green Lane
Kismat Halal Meat Bakers Manufacturers and Wholesale 371, Coventry Rd
Crusty Corner Cake Shop Bakery 572, Green Lane
Ghanis Grill and Roti Junction Bakery 262-266, Green Lane
Islamic Bank of Britain Bank 394, Coventry Rd
2 Minds Mortgages Bank 23, Aubrey Rd
Easy Mortgages Bank 541, Coventry Rd
Freelance Finance Bank 20, Golden Hillock Rd
Switch2 Mortgages Bank 541, Coventry Rd
Aymans Hair and Beauty Salon Beauty Salon
Eternal Roop Beauty Salon 268, Green Lane
Latif's Hairdressers Beauty Salon 630, Coventry Rd
The Cutting Crew Beauty Salon 306, Hob Moor Rd
Impressions Beauty Salon Beauty Salon 531, Green Lane
Small Heath Health Centre Beauty Salon 42, Chapman Rd
Islamic Vision Ltd Book Shop 434, Coventry Rd
Salafi Bookstore and Islamic Centre Book Shop 472, Coventry Rd
Darussalam Book Shop 398-400, Coventry Rd
Al-Hira Book Shop Flat 1, 552a, Coventry Rd
Amsons Book Shop 353, Coventry Rd
Makkah International Co Book Shop 23-25, Parliament St
Usman Builders and Plumbers Builders' Merchants 612, Coventry Rd
Saracen Heating and Plumbing Services Builders' Merchants 228, Charles Road
Martell Timber Ltd Builders' Merchants 25, Coventry Road
GMC Roofing and Building Builders' Merchants 94, Grange Rd
Panama Travel Business Travel Agents 495, Coventry Rd
Salma Somali Business Centre Butcher 413-417, Coventry Rd
Save On Butcher 302-304, Green Lane
Midlands Fire and Electrical Services Ltd CCTV Installation Unit 1, first floor, 21-29, Green Lane
SEVEN SKY SECURITY CCTV Installation 426, Green Lane
Acord Security Services Inc CCTV Installation 320a, Hob Moor Rd
AK Security Services CCTV Installation 459, Green Lane
Daniwerx plc CCTV Installation 14, Aubrey Rd
7 Sky Computers CCTV Installation 780, Coventry Rd
Len Robinson Cable and Satellite TV 346-350, Green Lane
Smart Phone Systems Ltd Cable and Satellite TV Unit 1, 19-23, Green Lane
Millats Auto Spares Car Accessories and Car Parts 64, Hob Moor Rd
TA Autos Car Accessories and Car Parts 37, Green Lane
Waverley Service Station Car Accessories and Car Parts 88, Golden Hillock Rd
TP Auto Engineers Car Accessories and Car Parts Golden Hillock Service Station, Golden Hillock Rd
Mansel Motors Car Accessories and Car Parts 702-704, Coventry Rd
Z.A Motors Car Accessories and Car Parts 23, Coventry Rd, Digbeth
K.S.A Electrical Service Car Audio Systems 582-586, Green Lane
Car Audio Repair Services Car Audio Systems 322, Hob Moor Rd
Kwiktalk Communications Car Audio Systems 338, Green Lane
Heartlands Auto Centre Car Dealers - New Cars 314-316 Hob Moor Rd
Mirage Car Hire Ltd Car Hire 148, Charles Rd
Crypton Tuning Centre Car Tuning 425, Coventry Rd
Abdul Wahid Carpet Fitters 53, Dora Rd
B 'N' Q Carpets and Furnishers Carpet Fitters 363-365, Coventry Rd
Green Lane Carpet Warehouse Carpet Fitters 510-512, Green Lane
Imran's Carpets and Furniture Carpet Fitters 537, Green Lane
KJ Carpets and Furniture Carpet Fitters 473, Coventry Rd
M.K Brothers Carpet and Furniture Carpet Fitters 414, Coventry Rd
H.R.M & Sons Trading Co Carpet Shops 594, Coventry Rd
Curtain Centre Carpet Shops 484, Coventry Rd
B.J Cash & Carry Ltd Cash and Carry 224-234, Green Lane
Chaudhry's Cash and Carry Ltd Cash and Carry 350-354, Coventry Rd
Michaels Wholesale Ltd Cash and Carry 506-512, Green Lane
AB Halal Store and Fish Bazaar Cash and Carry 566, Coventry Rd
Hitchens Cash and Carry 299-303, Coventry Rd
Western Mix Catering 551, Coventry Rd
The Birmingham Law Centre Charities Dolphin House, 54, Coventry Rd
Heritage Silverware Ltd China and Glassware 62, Green Lane
Payless Pound Plus China and Glassware 318, Coventry Rd
Premier Awards China and Glassware Classic House, Parliment St
Drs Haider F, Chambers J, Alcock J and Riaz A Clinic Park Medical Centre, 691, Coventry Rd
Tara Mera Garments Ltd Clothing Wholesale 366, Green Lane
Salaam Namaste Clothing Wholesale 493, Coventry Rd
Afiz Sahri Centre Clothing Wholesale 571, Coventry Rd
Ashiyana Clothing Wholesale 310, Coventry Rd
Eastern Image Clothing Wholesale 370, Green Lane
Putuls Clothing Wholesale 570, Coventry Rd
Homewise Property Services Ltd Commercial Estate Agents 560a, Coventry Road
Makemove Commercial Estate Agents 541, Coventry Rd
Name Category
SNA Body Shop Commercial Vehicle Bodywork 38, Parliament St
Idara Maaris-e-Islam Centre and Hussainia Mosque Community Centre Herbert Rd
Axcident Specialists Compensation Claims 25-29, Green Lane
First Accident Group Ltd Compensation Claims 535, Coventry Rd
Taxi Care Centre Compensation Claims 476a, Coventry Rd
The Compensation Centre Compensation Claims 476, Coventry Rd
Yemtec Ltd Computer Consultants 506-508, Coventry Rd
Bazz-Tech Computer Consultants 549, Green Lane
Bibi Software Solutions Computer Consultants 411, Coventry Rd
Excel to Sage Ltd Computer Training Office Suite 8, Heath Court, 489, Coventry Rd
Choudhary Newsagents and Trendz Confectionery 312, Green Lane
HN News Confectionery 294, Hob Moor Rd
HUS Newsagents Confectionery 406, Coventry Rd
M J News Confectionery 559, Coventry Rd
Sawar News Confectionery 680, Coventry Rd
Family Conference Centre Conference Services Dolphin House, 54, Coventry Rd
Noshahi Kashmir Civic Centre Conference Services 279, Coventry Rd
The Emerald Club Conference Services 214, Green Lane
Abu Zayd Restaurant Conference Services 412, Coventry Rd
Bader Restaurant Conference Services 396, Coventry Road
Bonaful Conference Services 55, Golden Hillock Rd
AAA Domestics Cookers, Ovens, Stoves - Parts and Repairs 582, Coventry Rd
JD Appliances Cookers, Ovens, Stoves - Parts and Repairs 545, Coventry Rd
Afro Hair and Beauty World Cosmetics and Toiletry 302-304, Coventry Rd
M.E.J Hingley & Co.Ltd Cosmetics and Toiletry 560-562, Green Lane
Sehmi's Dispensing Chemist Cosmetics and Toiletry 545-547, Green Lane
Naz B Creches and Childminders 163, Heather Rd
Golden Hillock Childrens Centre Creches and Childminders 103-105, Golden Hillock Rd
Salafi Independent School Creches and Childminders 472, Coventry Rd
Waverley School Creches and Childminders Hob Moor Rd
Q.A.F Creches and Childminders 552b, Coventry Rd
Fashion Shop Curtains 580, Green Lane
Giesse Scampoli Curtains 280, Coventry Rd
New Quality Fabrics Curtains 580, Green Lane
Raesham Nagar Curtains 578, Coventry Rd
Mishtidesh Dairy Products 546, Coventry Rd
J Dodd & Son Decking 33, Green Lane
P.B.M Demolition Contractors Ltd Demolition Services 15-17, Green Lane
AYMANS 1 HOUR DENTURE REPAIRS (Qualified Since 1984) Dental Technician 376, Coventry Road
Coventry Rd Dental Surgery Dental Technician 410, Coventry Rd
Photoart Studio Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers 538, Coventry Rd
Asian Sound Roadshow Disco 32 Mount Pleasant, Coventry Rd
D J Dynamite Disco 399a, Charles Rd
Asian Sounds DJ Disco 32, Mount Pleasant, Coventry Rd
Rahmans School Of Motoring Driving School 535, Coventry Road
Dr L Test Driving School 174, Heather Rd
BI Recruitment Driving School 2, Heather Rd
J & S Dry Cleaners Dry Cleaners 72, Charles Rd
Krown Kleaners Dry Cleaners 778, Coventry Road
Dumas Shoe Repairs Dry Cleaners 518, Coventry Rd
Ventilation Industrial Products Ltd Ductwork and Ducting 45, Green Lane
Midlands Electrical Trade Supplies Electrical Appliances Retailers and Suppliers 551-555, Green Lane
Property Junction Estate Agents 255, Green Lane
Hob Moor Pets Farm Shop 304, Hob Moor Rd
Mashwii Fast Food 700, Coventry Rd
Salama Somali Restaurant Fast Food 479, Coventry Rd
Rashid & Co Financial Brokers 526, Coventry Rd
Waterloo Mortgages Financial Brokers 1b, Dora Rd
Buywise Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale 478, Coventry Rd
C Bastock (F D) Ltd Funeral Directors 373, Coventry Rd
Islamic Funeral Service Funeral Directors 96, Golden Hillock Rd
G5 Events Funeral Directors 49-55, Golden Hillock Rd
GREEN LANE TYRE SERVICE Garage Services 311, Green Lane
Qasim Jewellers Ltd Gift Shop 344, Green Lane
Birthdays Boutique Greeting Cards Shop 314, Coventry Rd
Quddsi Supermarket Groceries and Convenience Stores 560, Coventry Rd
Sheikh Bros Ltd Groceries and Convenience Stores 529-531, Coventry Rd
Sonali Supermarket Groceries and Convenience Stores 537, Coventry Rd
Worldwide Food Groceries and Convenience Stores 360, Coventry Rd
Family Housing Association (Birmingham) Ltd Housing Association Bordesley House, 44-46, Coventry Rd
Harmony House Housing Association 101, Herbert Rd
Asal Housing Association 411, Coventry Rd
Asirt Immigration Service Place of Welcome, 172, Herbert Rd
DCI Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industrial Refrigeration Unit 2, 19-23, Green Lane
Sandtech Technology and Manufacturing Ltd Industrial Refrigeration 413-417, Coventry Rd
M & H Insurance Services Ltd Insurance Intermediaries 900, Coventry Rd
Regal Direct Insurance Intermediaries 476, Coventry Rd
Diamond Telecom Internet Cafe 471, Coventry Rd
City Marriage Bureau Introduction Agency 547a, Coventry Rd
A & S Watches Jewellers 562, Coventry Rd
Classic Clock and Barometer Co Jewellers Classic House, Parliament St
Royal Limos Hire Birmingham Limousine Hire Unit 1, 25 Camelot Way
T Star Limousine Limousine Hire 618, Coventry Rd
Simply Pleasure Lingerie 28, Coventry Rd, Bordesley
Heybarnes PO Mailboxes and Address Agents 292, Hob Moor Rd
Small Heath P.O Mailboxes and Address Agents 361, Coventry Rd
Call Box International Mobile Phone Repairs 590, Coventry Rd
Mobi Flex Mobile Phone Repairs 413-417, Coventry Rd
One Time Communications Mobile Phone Repairs 660, Coventry Rd
Pyramid Mobiles Mobile Phone Repairs 506, Coventry Rd
R3 GSM Ltd Mobile Phone Repairs 51a, Green Lane
Face Off Mobile Phone Repairs 47, Green Lane
Empire Wine Stores Newsagents 550a, Coventry Rd
Lucky Newsagents and Off Licence Ltd Newsagents 794, Coventry Rd
Eurospex Opticians Opticians 386, Coventry Rd
Knights Opticians Opticians 340, Coventry Rd
AsianImage Photographers 141a, Whitehall Rd
G5 Digital Photographers 49-55, Golden Hillock Rd
Faraz Takeaway Pizza Delivery 431, Coventry Rd
Caricom Caribbean Takeaway Pizza Delivery 26, Coventry Rd
Ehsaan Fried Chicken Pizza Delivery 558, Coventry Rd
Gogis Fast Food Pizza Delivery 391, Coventry Rd
Romeo Pizza Pizza Delivery 402, Coventry Rd
Birmingham Churches Together Places of Worship 172, Herbert Rd
Martell Play and Leisure Playground Equipment 25 Coventry Road
Al-Hidaayah Publishing and Distribution Publishers 436, Coventry Rd
Scafco UK Ltd Roofing 25 Coventry Road
Krahi King Sandwich Shop 346, Coventry Rd
Lucy Palmers Sauna Sauna 399, Coventry Rd
Bisma Shoe Repairs 556a, Coventry Rd
Goodwins Shoes Shoe Repairs 312, Coventry Rd
I.Ulhaq & Co Shoes Shop 576, Coventry Rd
JR Footwear Shoes Shop 326, Coventry Rd
Universal Footwear Shoes Shop 490, Coventry Rd
MTA Productions Theatrical Services 2, Carlton Rd
Accurite Interpreting Translations and Interpreters 622, Coventry Rd
Noble Exchange International Ltd Travel Agents
Salama Travel Travel Agents 12 Whitmore Rd
Shabbir Travel Travel Agents 541, Coventry Rd
Sylhet Travel Travel Agents 558a, Coventry Rd
Mirza Video Electronics Video and DVD Hire and Retail 315, Green Lane
Sound & View Video and DVD Hire and Retail 316, Green Lane
Cuthberts International Ltd Warehouses 466-474, Coventry Rd
Pastry House Wedding Cakes 389b, Coventry Rd
Sagal Shop Women Clothing Coventry Rd