Name Category
A J Repairs and Services Agricultural Consultants Sandyburn
C.Edwin Williamson Agricultural Consultants South Grind, Lunna
AJ Williamson Agricultural Consultants Lunna Farm, Lunna
M Jamieson Agricultural Consultants Sandyburn
Antiques & Collectables Antique Dealers Outrabister House, Lunna
Mr Clinton Cook Architectural Services Stackwell
J W Williamson Architectural Services Banks
R.G.R Building Contractors Architectural Services Skelberry
Name Category
Lunna House B and B B&B Lunna
LA Pearson B&B 4, Queeness Rd
Ainsworth Plumbing Builders Westfirth, Lunning
AARQ Ltd Business Consultants Lunna House, Lunna
Embedded Signal Processing Ltd Electronic Engineers Lunna House, Lunna
Green Island Ltd Fish Farm Marine Park
J I Herculson Groceries and Convenience Stores Holmeslea
ESPL Consultancy Pharmaceutical Suppliers Lunna House, Lunna
Name Category
Bod Ayre Products Ltd Turf and Soil Suppliers Hamnavoe, Lunna