Name Category
Rhossili Gallery Art Gallery The Green
MARK BUTTON PHOTOGRAPHY Art Gallery The Granary, Pitton
Llewelyn Davies Carpenter Newton Lodge
BGM & RV Jones Farmers East Pilton Farm, Gower
Christopher J Beynon Farmers Great Pitton Farm, Pitton
D.G Beynon Farmers Ship Cottage Farm
Name Category
Rhossili Village Hall and Bunkhouse Farmers Middleton
Pilton Moor Livery Farmers Pitton Cross
Gower Kite Centre Jewellers Pitton Cross, Pitton
Gemstone Wedding and Event Planner Jewellers Cartref, Middleton
The Rhosili Activity Centre Outdoor Pursuits Rhosili Activity Centre, Middleton
Selina Taylor Web Design Photographers The Gables, Pitton
Name Category
Bayview Shop Traditional Cuisine Rhossili