Name Category
Articulate Archives Ltd Accountants Redwither Business Centre
Adam Reeves Accountants Redwither Business Centre
Redfield Financial Planning Accountants Redwither Business Centre
Redwither Software Ltd Accountants 3rd floor, Redwither Tower
Data Pacific Ltd Accountants Redwither Tower
JTL Accountants 3rd floor, Redwither Tower
Rossett Training Ltd Accountants Redwither Tower
GSR Finance Bank office 9, Redwither Business Centre
Anti Friction Components Ltd Bearings Unit T1, Tower Close, Redwithert Industrial Complex
Dragon Hydraulics Bearings Unit 245B Elm Road
Taylor Engineering Sales Bearings Unit T5, Tower Close
Wrexham Metal Finishing Blast Cleaning Unit 250a, Elm Rd
Parker Fabrication Wrexham Ltd Blast Cleaning Unit 231a, Elm Rd, Redwither Industrial Estate
Mulberry Blinds Blinds 4 Tower Close
Alpha (Wrexham) Windows Ltd Blinds Unit A10, Abbey Close
Co-Operative Travel Management Ltd Business Travel Agents Office 3e, Redwither Tower
Tecwyn Jones Cabinet Makers Unit 242f, Elm Rd
Isringhausen (GB) Ltd Cabinet Makers Second Avenue, Red Wither Business Park
K D Products Ltd Cabinet Makers Redwither Towers, Redwither Industrial Complex
P & G Joinery Cabinet Makers Unit 242, Elm Rd
Miac Ltd Cables Unit T2, Tower Close
BROADWAY LEISURE Caravan Repairs Unit A1, Abbey Close
Omega Technical Supplies Ltd Catering Equipment Maintenance Unit D5, Dutton Rd
Pcc Systems Ltd Catering Equipment Maintenance Unit 235d
Discount Boiler and Heating Supplies Ltd Central Heating Equipment Unit A7, Abbey Close
Aguachem Ltd Chemical Suppliers Office K, Redwither Business Centre
Dee Pharmaceuticals Ltd Chemical Suppliers Redwither Tower
P & W Maintenance Contracting Ltd Civil Engineer Redwither Business Centre
Pierce & Associates Civil Engineer Redwither Business Centre
Name Category
Mccarthy Haulage Ltd Commercial Waste Disposal Unit 4, First Avenue
Carter Ecological Ltd Commercial Waste Disposal Office 3k7, Redwither Tower
Arena Network Commercial Waste Disposal Second Avenue, Redwither Complex, Wrexham Industrial Estate
Redwither Business Centre Conference Services Abbey Rd
Redwither Tower Conference Services Redwither Trading Estate
Motor Safari Conference Services Unit 230b, Elm Rd
AWR Engineering Services Consulting Engineers Unit A11, Abbey Close
Active Childcare Ltd Day Nursery Redwither Tower
CL Design and Engineering Design Services Redwither Business Centre, Redwither Industrial Estate
JPDS CREATIVE Design Services third floor, Redwither Tower
Paul Bristow Associates Ltd Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers Unit D6, Dutton Rd
Orchid Dry Cleaners Unit A4, Abbey Close
Electricity Solutions Ltd Electrical Engineering Unit D3, Dutton Rd
D.J Consultants Electrical Engineering Office 1, Redwither Business Centre
Eric Charlesworth Electrical Testing Ltd Electrical Engineering Office1 Redwither Bsns Cntr, Redwither Bsns Pk
Industrial Encoders Direct Ltd Electrical Engineering Dutton Rd
Apleg Ltd Electrical Engineering Unit 227b-C
PR Electronics (UK) Ltd Electronic Systems Redwither Business Centre
Pure Transfer Ltd Engineering Supplies 2, Dutton Rd
Atrium First Aid Co of Trainers Ltd First Aid Training Office 3m2, 3rd floor Redwither Tower
ProcuraSell International Furniture Manufacturers and Designers Redwither Tower
Always There Homecare Ltd Home Care Services Redwither Business Centre
Hygicare Ltd Industrial Clothing Unit D6, Dutton Rd
Resource Centre Library 3rd floor, Redwither Tower
Biltong Basket Ltd Meat Suppliers Unit A6, Abbey Close
Bick's Chicks Meat Suppliers Unit 234-234a, Redwither Business Complex, Wrexham Industrial Estate
Radio-Active Communications Ltd Radio Equipment 6, Tower Close, Wrexham Industrial Estate
RV Shipping Ltd Road Haulage Redwither Business Centre
Wrexham Rubber Fabricators Rubber Products and Supplies Unit 226b, Redwither Complex, Elm Rd
Name Category
Ventsafe (Uk) Ltd Ventilation Services Unit 242h, Elm Road