Name Category
AERIAL ERECTION and SUPPLY Aerial Supplies and Services 261, Ridgacre Rd
LS Installations Aerial Supplies and Services 36, Blandford Rd
Deago Audio Visual Solutions Aerial Supplies and Services 8, Stoney Lane
Newyscomputers Aerial Supplies and Services First Meadow Piece
Preventa Aerial Supplies and Services 337, Ridgacre Rd
Kyngs Hemp Merchants Agricultural Supplies 4a, Mill Lane, California
Gerson Grass Seed Agricultural Supplies 361, Quinton Rd West
Blacks Veterinary Group Agricultural Supplies 266, Ridgacre Road
P G & E A Clarke Agricultural Supplies Park Farm, Church Hill
Wellcat Animal Rescue Animal Welfare Societies and Associations 30, Quinton Rd West
Executive Dog Services Animal Welfare Societies and Associations 27, Edison Grove
Animal Microchipping Centre Animal Welfare Societies and Associations 56, Quinton Rd West
Earl's Aquatics Ltd Aquariums and Aquarium Supplies 161, Worlds End Lane
VJF Gardening Services Aquariums and Aquarium Supplies 62, Higgins Lane
Anthony Chorley Architect Architects 157, Quinton Rd West
Mason Richards Partnership Architects Highfield House, 5, Ridgeway, Quinton Business Park
Andrew Smith Interiors Architects Ridgeacre Rd West
RPS Architects Highfield House, 5, Ridgeway, Quinton Business Park
H & T Property Services Architects 10, Max Rd
Star-omatherapy Aromatherapy Quinton Rd West
Beauty by Rachael Aromatherapy 50, Clydesdale Rd
B J's Hair Studio Aromatherapy 377, Hagley Rd West
M Cheema Aromatherapy 111, Wolverhampton Rd South
Magic Pencil Artists - Commercial Art 16, Upper Meadow Rd
chincherry Artists - Commercial Art 62, Woodhouse Rd
Beacon Data Communications Audio Visual Equipment 49, Ridgacre Lane
M Hadley Audio Visual Equipment 92, Grayswood Park Rd
Tangerine Red Baby Store 4, Gorsly Piece
The Animal Lady Baby Store 118, Quinton Lane
Pixie Doodles Baby Store 28, Gorsy Rd
Helen Cave Babysitting, Nanny 12, Clay Drive
Eileen Morris Babysitting, Nanny
Little Stars Childminding Service Babysitting, Nanny 245, Quinton Rd West
Clearer Cleaning Solutions Babysitting, Nanny 11, Bourne Green
Nice And Iced Cake Co Ltd Bakery 246 White Rd
The Hot Donut Co Bakery 33, Thornhurst Avenue
The Punchbowl At Quinton Ltd, Bakery 153, Wolverhampton Rd South
Balloon Crazy Balloon Party 91, Higgins Lane
Divine Promotions Balloon Party 47, Stonehouse Lane Balloon Party 17, Near Lands Close
Sarah's Rose Garden Balloon Party 6, College Road
Flower Power Balloon Party 96, Ridgacre Lane
Mr Stopps the Barbers Barber 90, Ridgacre Lane
First Class Hair and Nails Barber 12, Conway Avenue
Hannah's Professional Make-Up Barber 4, Gorsly Piece
Mark Gifford Property Services Bathroom Designer 85, Whitley Court Rd
Splash Bathroom Designer 429 Hagley Rd West
MPT Plumbing and Gas Services Bathroom Designer 11 Hernehurst
Absolute Carpentry and Joinery Bathroom Designer 40, Lower White Rd
George Riches Bathroom Designer 39, Edenhall Rd
KTJ's Carpentry and Locksmiths Bathroom Designer 53, Edison Grove
Quinton Aesthetics Beauty Treatments 735, Hagley Rd West
And So To Bed Beds and Bedding 613, Hagley Rd West
Ultra Floor Ltd Beds and Bedding 16-18, College Rd
Millie's Beds and Bedding 15, Quinton Rd West, Harborne
Blinds Express UK Beds and Bedding 267, Ridgacre Rd
T Moore & Sons Bookmakers 19, Quinton Rd West
Bouncin' Barry's Bouncy Inflatables 90, Tedstone Road
Dancing Harry's Bouncy Inflatables 90, Tedstone Rd
Mad Monkeys Bouncy Castles Bouncy Inflatables 90, Tedstone Rd
Starz Entertainments Bouncy Inflatables 245, Quinton Rd West
DJN Discos Bouncy Inflatables 28, Stanfield Rd
Roger Fisher Music Services Bouncy Inflatables 64, Whitley Court Rd
Redman Carbide Brakes 6, College Rd
Birmingham Brake Specialists Ltd Brakes 205, Quinton Rd West
T'N'R Auto's Brakes 37, Gorsly Piece
B S D Home Improvements Building Maintenance 48, Max Rd
Paul Jacobs Handy Man Services Building Maintenance 30, Grayswood Park Rd
A.A.R BUILDING and ROOFING SPECIALISTS Building Maintenance 141, Overdale Rd
Jackson Doherty Partnership Ltd Building Services Engineering 383, Hagley Rd West
Tony Gee & Partners LLP Building Services Engineering Exchange House, 737, Hagley Rd West
Baker Hall Building Services Engineering 413, Hagley Rd West
Griffin Mellors and Associates Building Services Engineering 719, Hagley Rd West
Tony Gee & Partners Building Services Engineering Telephone House, Hagley Rd West
Business Link in the West Midlands Business Centre Advantage House, 19 Ridgeway, Quinton Business Park
Canon Business Solutions Business Centre Sir Stanley Clarke House, 7, Ridgeway, Quinton Business Park
D A Woolley and Associates Business Centre 36, Woodridge Avenue
Pacesetter Ltd Business Centre P.O Box 7030
COMMUNICATE UK Business Consultants Exchange House, 737, Hagley Rd West
Birmingham Health Safety and Environment Association Business Consultants 721, Hagley Rd West
Cheekoti Infotech Business Consultants 258, Ridgacre Rd
Nu Order Webs Ltd Business Consultants 64, Wolverhampton Rd South
Trippie Web Services Business Consultants 111, White Rd
F A Humberstone and Partners Agency Ltd Business Transfer Agents Stewart House, 787-789, Hagley Rd West
Jacobs & Son (Butchers) Ltd Butcher 1, Faraday Avenue
R.K Andrews Cabinet Makers 21, High St
MJ Donnelly Cabinet Makers 53, Dufton Rd
P & L Solutions Camera Shop P.O Box 9327
I2i Photography Camera Shop 34, Grayswood Park Rd
Pinnacle Automotive Ltd Car Delivery 157, Overdale Rd
D C Haulage Ltd Car Delivery 237, Overdale Rd
ACME Express Couriers Car Delivery 677, Hagley Road West
DGSA Services Car Delivery 22, Grayswood Park Rd
G Freeman Carpet Fitters Carpet Fitters 338, Stonehouse Lane
M C Flooring Specialists Carpet Fitters Flat 3, 45, Warple Rd
am services Carpet Shops 27, Bolney Rd
Clean Masters Carpet Shops 135, Higgins Lane
Schoeller Allibert Cartons and Packaging 17 Ridgeway, Quinton Business Park
Name Category
Palmer Catering and Hire Caterers 16, Worlds End Avenue
Albany Equipment Ltd Catering Equipment 379, Hagley Rd West
Martin & Richards Catering Equipment 793, Hagley Rd West
Heat Safe Solutions Catering Equipment 23, Dwellings Lane
Hole Farm Trekking Centre Children's Entertainers 36, Watery Lane
Hagley Road Chiropractic Clinic Chiropractor 7, Ridgacre Lane
Drs Brinksman S,Conlon M,Manley V and Saunders P Chiropractor 83, Ridgacre Rd
JR Window Gleamers Cleaners 11, Jackson Way
Den Caney Coaches Coach Hire The Coach Station, Stonehouse Lane, Bartley Green
Eclipse Travel Coach Hire 44, Gorsy Rd
Mann's Limousines and Wedding Cars Coach Hire 54, White Road
Quinborne Community Association Community Centre Community Centre, Ridgacre Rd
St. Boniface Church Community Centre Quinton Rd West
Christadelphian Hall Community Centre Ridgacre Rd
Four Dwellings Leisure Centre Community Centre Dwellings Lane
Ambassador Systems Ltd Computer Consultants 88, Grayswood Park Rd
Mary Chidlow Counselling and Advice 78, Wilmington Road
Jillyan Lily Counselling and Advice 61, Woodhouse Rd
The First Steps Childrens Nursery Creches and Childminders Stonehouse Farm, Stonehouse Lane
Happy Corner Playgroup Creches and Childminders Ridgacre Methodist Church, Worlds End Lane
Ridgacre Pre-School Playgroup Creches and Childminders 400, Ridgacre Rd West
VTG Rail UK Ltd Delivery Service Sir Stanley Clarke House, 7 Ridgeway, Quinton Business Park
China Restaurant Delivery Service 411, Hagley Rd West
Jade Garden Delivery Service 419, Hagley Rd West
BP Domain Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers 20, Clydesdale Rd
Mega Pound Discount Centre 184, Ridgacre Rd
The Draughtsman Centre Drawing Office Supplies 819, Hagley Rd West
A.BARLOW SOM Driving School 397, Ridgacre Road
Top Gear Driving School Driving School 46, Glyn Farm Rd
Foam Launderette Dry Cleaners 421, Hagley Rd West
Hagley Rd Pharmacy Dry Cleaners 429, Hagley Rd West
AJT Design Services Electronic Systems 58, Highfield Lane
The Toby Carvery Quinton English Restaurant 563, Hagley Rd West
The Amber Tavern English Restaurant 321, Hagley Rd West
Darren Hogg G.B.S.M,A.B.S.M Church Organist and Pianist Entertainers 242, White Rd
Lane Fencing Fencing 19, Grayswood Park Road
CFS Ltd Fencing 74-78, Fleming Rd
The Jungle Clearing Co Fencing 235, White Rd
ASPIRE DRIVES Fencing 229, Simmons Drive
More Than Block Paving Fencing 75, White Road
Woodgate Valley Fire Station Fire Brigade 161, Stonehouse Lane
T & R Sprinklers Ltd Fire Protection Engineer 147, Ridgacre Road
On Sight First Aid First Aid Supplies 167, Ridgacre Lane
The Ridge Chippy Fish and Chips 92, Ridgacre Lane
Reel Fishing Fishing Tackle 15, Faraday Avenue
1st Place 4 Trophies Fishing Tackle 58, Wedgewood Rd
Direct Joinery Supplies Ltd Fixings and Fastenings 535, Ridgacre Rd West
Aspray Flood and Fire Restoration 409, Hagley Rd West
Graffiti Removal Birmingham Flood and Fire Restoration 101 Quinton Lane
AB Taylor Funeral Services Ltd Florist 49 Wolverhampton Rd South
The Veg Box Fruit and Veg 81, Gorsy Rd
Quinborne Adult Education Further Education Ridgacre Rd
All Glass and Glazing Glass Suppliers 131, Quinton Road
Quinton Locksmith Services Glaziers 34, Hernehurst
Highways Agency Information Line Government Offices 3, Ridgeway, Quinton Business Park
Ofcom Government Offices 74, Ridgacre Lane
1st 2 Call 4 Gutters Guttering Service 367, West Boulevard
Odyssey Hydroponics Ltd Hydroponics 385, Hagley Rd West
Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultants (near to Jonathan's Restaurant), Wolverhampton Road
Quinton Library Library Ridgacre Rd
Faraday PO Library 169, Worlds End Lane
Ellerton Knight Life Insurance 715, Hagley Rd West
Humberstones Financial Services Life Insurance Stewart House, 787-789, Hagley Rd West
Mortgage UK Life Insurance 121, Mill Lane
ZET Insurance Services Ltd Life Insurance 431, Hagley Rd West
JLP Payroll Services Limited Life Insurance 85, Whitley Court Road
Chatha Security Systems Locksmith Max Road
ABA Systems Locksmith 3 Lyncourt
Ashley House Interiors Loose Covers 14, Lunt Grove
Magmountain Magnet Flexible Magnets 327, Quinton Rd West
Goya-ra-Ru Martial Arts Birmingham Martial Arts 773, Hagley Rd West, Birmigham
Tina Holmes Martial Arts 11, Clydesdale Rd
Legal Property Services Ltd Mortgage Broker 371-373, Hagley Rd West
RPS Riches Property Services Mortgage Broker 39, Edenhall Rd
Iain Gough Music Music Management and Promotion 79, Clydesdale Rd
B & G Liquor Store Newsagents 155, Quinton Rd West
Malhi Off Licence Newsagents 7, Lower White Rd
Sunner's Liquor Store Newsagents 393a, Hagley Rd West
Colourplus Office Equipment Suppliers 337, Ridgacre Rd
Linpac Allibert Ltd Packaging Materials and Packaging Services
G.R Transport and Removals Ltd Packaging Materials and Packaging Services 23, Worlds End Avenue
Blue Bella Party Planning 187, Simmons Drive
Everything Organised Ltd Party Planning 2, Whitley Court Rd
Julian Marment Photographers 49, Edenhall Rd
Excellent Wedding Photography Photographers 43, Beverley Court Rd
Studio 82 Photographers 324, Highfield Lane
The Wedding Video Co Photographers 12, Ridgacre Lane
Ward Design and Build Planning Consultants 30, High St
MW Mini Digger and Dumper Hire Plant and Machinery Hire
K.R.J Plastering Plastering 63, Mill Lane
Redman Components Precision Engineers 6, College Rd
Peter M Owen Quantity Surveyors 374, Ridgacre Rd
Building Services Residential Accommodations 423, Simmons Drive
Birmingham Cash Registers Scales 135, Quinton Road West
Genesys Telecommunications Ltd Telecom Services
Robert T Lee and Associates Ltd Vehicle Check 273, Quinton Rd West
Christopher Lee Voice Coach 239, Quinton Lane Wedding Rings 22, White Rd