Name Category
AD Saunders Business Consultants School Farm, 10, High St
Lin Crane Business Consultants 56, Elkington Rd
Interactive Projects Business Consultants 1, Kings Lane
Keith Hewitt Butcher Butcher 46, High St
The Caterers Ltd, Butcher 33, High St
Richard Jackson Butcher Flint Hill Farm, High St
Churchill Stores and P.O Butcher 80, High St
Rugby Trading International Ltd Cleaning Supplies The Works, High St
D4 Dog Training and Behaviour Dog Training 11, Brookside Close
Hair Associates Hairdressing and Beauty Supplies Endahill House, 94, High St
Name Category
Ace Creations Landscaping 2, Styles Place
D Holyoake Landscaping 14, Hillmorton Lane
Sunflower Spanish Language Schools and Language Courses 64, High St
Yelvertoft Primary School Language Schools and Language Courses School Lane
Nigel Owen Marble Services 42, High St
Yelvertoft Marina Ltd Marinas Yelvertoft, Wharf, High St
Mary Windsor Music Teachers 25, Elkington Rd
Complete Nursing and Care Solutions Nursing Agencies 48, High St
Yelvertoft Oil Buying Consortium Oil Distributors Le Phare 72a, High St
GNH Photography Photographers 23, Styles Place