Name Category
Claire's Holistic Therapies Alternative Medicine 2, Chelhydra Walk
Marina Surgery Alternative Medicine 1-2, Manneheim Quay
Marina Amusements Arcade Amusement Parks 8, Anchor Court, Victoria Quay
Cafe Fresco and Ice Cream Parlour Amusement Parks Unit 3, National Waterfront Museum
Jade's Cafe Amusement Parks 1, Anchor Court, Victoria Quay
Smooth Amusement Parks National Waterfront Museum, Oystermouth Rd
Mission Gallery Art Gallery Gloucester Place
Dylan Thomas Theatre Art Gallery Dylan Thomas Square
Total Marine Services Boat Builders Kiosk A, Ferrara Square
CHANNEL MARINE WALES LTD Boat Builders 1, Victoria Quay
Dickies Yacht Sales Boat Builders Unit 1, Fishmarket Quay
Network Yacht Brokers Boat Builders Unit 1, National Waterfront Museum, Oystermouth Rd
Young's Boat Yard Boat Builders Unit 4, National Waterfront Museum, Oystermouth Rd
Swansea Marina Boats For Sale Lockside
CW Book-Keeping and Business Services Bookkeeping Services 55, St. Catherines Court
Marina Marketing Ltd Bookkeeping Services 15, Pocketts Wharf
Gallini's Restaurant Cafe Fishmarket Quay, 3, Trawler Rd
Oriental Garden Buffet Restaurant Cafe 18-23 Anchor Court, Victoria Quay
Swansea Marriott Hotel Cafe Maritime Quarter
Galaxy Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Maritime Quarter
Seashore Cleaning Carpet Cleaning 2, Chelhydra Walk
Absolute House Clearance Carpet Cleaning 1, Camona Drive
Just Repairs Carpet Cleaning 6, Highmoor, Pennard House
Name Category
Surgery in Cyprus Cosmetic Surgery 45, St. Christophers Court
T.V Bridal Hair and Make-Up Cosmetic Surgery Flat 137, Empress House, Trawler Rd
Building & Directories Apartment 66, Aurora, Trawler Rd
Marriott Leisure Club Doctor within Swansea Marriott Hotel
Marina Quay Properties Estate Agents Unit 4, Abernethy Square
Smiths Residential Lettings Estate Agents Oystermouth Rd
Claims Management UK Estate Agents Apartment 35, St. Stephens Court
Susan Jane Charter Angling Vessel Fishery Swansea Marina, Lockside
Marina Store Ltd Groceries and Convenience Stores 1, Abernethy Square
The Pump House Hotel Pump House Quay
Celtic Instrumentation Ltd Instrumentation Services Unit 5a, Fishmarket Quay
G D Construction Land Surveyor 25 Weavers House, Mannheim Quay
A Gift from Europe Ltd Mail Order Catalogues 26, Arethusa Quay
Curveball Leisure Ltd Mail Order Catalogues Unit 2, Fishmarket Quay
Shaddow Marine Ltd Marine Services Unit 5a, Fishmarket Quay
Vibe TV TV Ltd Marketing Consultancy Gloucester Chambers, Gloucester Place
Lewis Plastering Plastering 12, Abernethy Quay
Black Mountain Ltd Record Labels 1, Squire Court,Victoria Quay
Rock Salt Wales Grit Suppliers Ltd Salt Suppliers Swansea Marina, Lockside
In-Store Plus Shopfitters 30 Weavers House, Mannheim Quay
Pro Billiards International Snooker and Pool Tables Swansea Marina, Lockside
Green Energy Solutions Solar Panels 10, Ferrara Square
Amber Hiscott and David Pearl Stained Glass Old St. Nicholas Chapel, Gloucester Place
Name Category
Absolute Washroom Services Washroom Services 4 Squire Court, Victoria Quay