Name Category
West-Chartered Accountants Accountants Greswolde House, 197b Station Road
Power & Co Accountants 12, Queen Eleanors Drive
Arden Accountancy Ltd Accountants 59, Broadfern Rd
Arundales Accountants Stowe House, 1688, High St
Arundales Chartered Accountants Accountants Stowe House, 1688 High Street
Slater Johnstone Accountants 3 Thimble Lane
Pinnacle Marketing Communications Ltd Advertising Agencies 19, Lady Byron Lane
KeeTech Ltd Advertising Agencies Atlas House, 210, Longdon Rd
Aim Software Ltd Advertising Agencies Croft House, 21b, Station Rd
The Meetings Company Advertising Agencies P.O Box 9247
M K Services Air Conditioning Equipment 23, St. Johns Way
Achill Electrical Air Conditioning Equipment 35, Hampton Road
Site Services Air Conditioning Equipment Ivy Cottage, Norton Green Lane
Kilduff Hire Ltd Air Conditioning Equipment 146, Tilehouse Green Lane
SPECIAL SUPPLIES (MIDS) Air Conditioning Equipment 91, Widney Rd
Heronfield Hire Air Conditioning Equipment 2141, Warwick Rd
Flight Cars Executive Airports Transfers Ashleigh House, 4-8, Station Rd
Executive Cars Airports Transfers 30, Landor Rd
Friendly Cars Airports Transfers 1617, Warwick Rd
Arden Grove Clinic Allergy Test 7, Fletcher Grove
Heath Lodge Clinic Allergy Test 1357, Warwick Rd
Premier Medical Centre Allergy Test Knowle House, 51, Station Rd
Injury Clinic Allergy Test 43, Chantry Heath Crescent
Solihull Primary Care Trust Allergy Test within Freshfields Clinic, Downing Close
Nicole Singer Holistic Therapist MICHT IIHHT IEB Alternative Medicine 33, Hawkshead Drive
Karm Therapeutics Alternative Medicine 1642a High Street
Julie Rosser Mrs Alternative Medicine 11, Hawkshead Drive
Nutrimetics from Cheryl Alternative Medicine 7, Morgrove Avenue
Perfectly Polished Alternative Medicine 49a, Station Rd
Heronfield Animal Rescue Centre Animal Welfare Societies and Associations Wayside, Warwick Rd
Berrow Cottage Homes Animal Welfare Societies and Associations Mary Galloway House, 2, Kenilworth Rd
National Council of Y.M.C.A's Animal Welfare Societies and Associations Colman House, Station Rd
Troop Aid Animal Welfare Societies and Associations 41, Hampton Rd
Acorns Childrens Hospice Animal Welfare Societies and Associations 12, St. Johns Way
Marie Curie Shop Animal Welfare Societies and Associations 1650, High St
Park Corner Aquatic Nurseries Aquariums and Aquarium Supplies Gables, Temple Lane
Wyndley Garden Centre Aquariums and Aquarium Supplies Warwick Rd
Tim Dixon Aquariums and Aquarium Supplies 25, Arden Vale Rd
RCP Landscaping Services Aquariums and Aquarium Supplies 111 Yew Tree Cottages, Bakers Lane
Fletcher Landscapes Aquariums and Aquarium Supplies 3, Fletcher Grove
Flannery & de la Pole Architects 149, Darley Green Rd
Hasker Architects Ltd Architects 1620, High St
Barton Hasker Ltd Architects 1620, High St
BDM David Windsor Architects 153a, Tilehouse Green Lane
Aben Builders Ltd Architects 2101, Warwick Rd
Abraham Builders Architects Westway, Norton Green Lane
Asset Construction Ltd Architects Knowle House, 51, Station Rd
Carr & Smith (Builders) Ltd Architects 2048, Warwick Rd
Concept Plus Ltd Architectural Technology The Laurels, 1637, High St
Omni Design International Ltd Architectural Technology 1375, Warwick Rd
Christine Weir M Inst CHP Aromatherapy 40, Kixley Lane
Colleen McNeillie Aromatherapy 32, Trehern Close
Suzanne Reed Aromatherapy 1486, Warwick Rd
Vail Galleries Art Gallery 43, Station Rd
Paws Portraits Art Gallery 15, Holland Avenue
Oxfam Books and Music Art Gallery 1659, High St
Gillian Wesley & The Catwalk Cafe Art Gallery Kenilworth Road
adm Artists 6, Wilsons Rd
Atmosphere XS Artists 11, Rising Lane
Creative Design Ltd Artists Unit 1 Chester Court, 1677a, High St
Insulation Contracting Services Ltd Asbestos Removal 2 Butchers Court, High St
Jewel Building Services Asbestos Removal 100, Ullenhall Rd
The Royal British Legion Clubs Associations 1611, Warwick Rd
ACHILL GUEST HOUSE Associations 35, Hampton Rd
Bonhams Auctioneers The Old House, Station Rd
Hunters Chartered Surveyors Auctioneers 1624a, High St
Hunters Mortgages Auctioneers 1624b, High St
Hunters New Homes Auctioneers 1626a, High St
Trehern Bed & Breakfast B&B 7 Trehern Close
Far End Guest House B&B Far-End, Kixley Lane
Ivy House Guest House B&B Warwick Rd
Heronbrook Cottage B&B 38, Norton Green Lane
Sunnyside B&B 3, Darley Green Rd
Curtis's Bakery Bakery 1701, High St
Eric Lyons Ltd Bakery 1666, High St
Gourmet Foods Bakery 37, Station Rd
Francesco Group Barber 15, Station Road
Bllow Barber 150, Lodge Rd
Ripples Bathrooms Bathroom Designer 1693-1695 High Street
Knowle Home Improvements Bathroom Designer 55, Abbots Close
Sheils Bedrooms Bathroom Designer 370, Widney Manor Rd
Paul Hughes Plumbing and Heating Bathroom Designer 93, Lodge Road
SG Boats Ltd Boat Builders Knowle Hall Wharf, Kenilworth Rd
Stephen Goldsborough Boats Boat Builders Knowle Hall Wharf, Kenilworth Rd
A.B.F Associates Ltd Bookkeeping Services 15, Starbold Crescent
APPLEJACKS BOUNCY CASTLES Bouncy Inflatables 8, Kixley Lane
Jump n Bounce Bouncy Inflatables 51, Alveston Grove
George Huxley's Trad Jazz Band Bouncy Inflatables 56, Broadfern Rd
Power Leisure Bouncy Inflatables Ashleigh House, 4-8, Station Rd
MK Hawker Builders Builders 3, Austrey Close
Knowle Decorating and Building Supplies Ltd Builders' Merchants 16, Kenilworth Rd
Carlington Home Improvements Ltd Building Maintenance 2, Austrey Close
Management and Performance Solutions Ltd Business Consultants The Old School, Rising Lane
Merry Marine Ltd Business Consultants 7, Stockton Close
AGK Consulting Ltd Business Consultants 179, Station Rd
Bridgsolutions Ltd Business Consultants 108, Purnells Way
Headlamp Management Business Consultants 33, Hawkshead Drive
J Gale Business Consultants 15, High Trees Rd
Jemsoft (UK) Ltd Business Consultants 17, Ullenhall Rd
Lorex Ltd Business Consultants 11, Queen Eleanors Drive
Transcend UK Ltd Business Consultants 36, Barcheston Rd
WL Associates Business Consultants 10, Kixley Lane
Hurdley & Co Business Transfer Agents 1648, High St
Blythewood Property Finance Business and Commercial Finance first Floor, 1668, High St
Dorridge Auto Car Accessories and Car Parts 43 Station Road
Roofbox Central Car Accessories and Car Parts 43, Station Rd
Hollands of Knowle Car Accessories and Car Parts Hollands Corner, Station Rd
Ladywood Garage Ltd Car Accessories and Car Parts 204, Longdon Rd
Concours Motor Co (1962) Ltd Car Accessories and Car Parts 2113, Warwick Rd
DMW Mobile Car Accessories and Car Parts 38, Landor Rd
Transmission Technology UK Car Accessories and Car Parts 1959, Warwick Rd
Cleansafe Solutions Carpet Cleaning 34 Wychwood Avenue
Arrow Carpets Carpet Cleaning 14, Landor Rd
D. A. Mander & Sons Ltd Carpet Cleaning 91, Longdon Rd
Solihull Flooring Ltd Carpet Cleaning 120 Station Road
John Hewins Interiors Carpet Cleaning 20, St. Johns Way
Ian Hounsell Carpet Fitters 111, Purnells Way
JSM Heating Limited Central Heating Service The Barn, Grove Farm, Jacobean Lane
Gary Parsons Plumbing and Heating Central Heating Service 192, Longdon Road
The Phonlik House Chinese Restaurant 2, Station Rd
Knowle Fish Bar Chinese Restaurant 13, Station Rd
Li Tom Chinese Restaurant 22, St Johns Way
Rorcon Ltd Civil Engineer 1371, Warwick Rd
Mareand Construction Ltd Civil Engineer The Old School House, Rising Lane
B93 Cleaning Company Commercial Cleaning 148, Lodge Rd
Detail Cleaning Ltd Commercial Cleaning 8, Shortland Close
Shepherd Commercial Commercial Estate Agents Stowe House, 1688, High St
Paper Select Computer Accessories 17, Barcheston Rd
Excel Data Services Ltd Computer Accessories 39, Lady Byron Lane
Midland Business Equipment Ltd Computer Accessories 4-8, Station Road
AIM Electrical of Knowle Computer Networking and Cables 35, Hampton Rd
A J Richardson Consulting Engineers Everitt Drive
Deborah Forsythe Clinics Cosmetic Surgery 6, Wilsons Rd
Lips & Lines Cosmetic Surgery 83, Woodrow Crescent
Mr M D Humzah FRCS (Plast) Cosmetic Surgery Knowle House, 51, Station Rd
Rejuvaderm Clinics Cosmetic Surgery 1683c, High St
Mary Ing Counsellor Counselling and Advice 1304, Warwick Rd
Knowle Village Cricket Club Cricket Club Cricket Club, Hampton Rd
HOE OCA Ltd Cricket Club 12, Queen Eleanors Drive
Lifestyle Future Ltd Currency Exchange Stowe House 1688, High St
Anthony Feeney Financial Services Currency Exchange Stowe House, 1688, High St
Hobbs Financial Consultants Currency Exchange Brampton, Broadfern Rd
LW Consulting Currency Exchange Lyons Court, High St
MWS Financial Advisors Ltd Currency Exchange 9, Station Rd
Knowle Building and Remedial Services Ltd Damp Proofing 4-8, Station Road
Sylvia Eccles Dancing Schools Arden School Of Dance, 9 Walsgrave Close
School Mentor Solutions Ltd Dancing Schools The Old School House, Rising Lane
Tommy Day Nurseries Day Nursery Milverton House, 1741 Warwick Road
Bow Hill Nursery School Day Nursery Bow Hill, Bakers Lane
Lady Katherine Leveson C of E Primary School Day Nursery Fen End Rd West, Temple Balsall
Dental Finesse Dentist 1600 High Street
Knowle Smile Spa Dentist 4 Wilsons Road
Pipe SWBD S Dental Surgeon Dentist 1473B, Warwick Road
Ipsem Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers Widney Cottage, Widney Manor Rd
Jig Design Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers 1, Milverton Rd
Flag M W Services Diesel Fuel Injection 7, Heathfield Close
Forever Living Products Independent Distributor Dieting and Weight Control 153, Tilehouse Green Lane
Bathex Ltd Disability Services 1486, Warwick Rd
Arden Medical Centre Doctor Downing Close
Blythe Practice Doctor 1500, Warwick Rd
Dogways Dog Training 117, Tilehouse Green Lane
Arden Home Security Double Glazing Repairs 36 St. Annes Grove
Drainage Consultants (Solihull) Drainage Consulting 3, Slade Grove
Advanced Driver Services Ltd Driving School 11, Morgrove Avenue
Construction Services UK Ltd Driving School 4 Lyons Court, 1668, High St
The Little Healthcare Company Driving School Colman House, 19 Station Road
2020 Innovation Group Ltd Driving School Colman House, Station Rd
Janice Walsh Sales Training and Development Driving School 20, High Trees Rd
Ideal Dry Cleaners (Solihull) Ltd Dry Cleaners 4 ,Greville Court, 1663d High St
Marston Green Laundry Dry Cleaners 17, Barcheston Rd
The Reading Box Ltd, Educational Equipment 9, Garden Close
Hobdays Electrical Electrical Appliances Repairs 12, High Trees Rd
Avanti-EMG Ltd Electronic Components 31, Lodge Rd
Cooper Electronics Ltd Electronic Components 185, Longdon Rd
Solihull Energy Performance Certificates Energy Certificate 8, Ragley Close
Hemmings Leisure Entertainment Agency 1453, Warwick Rd
Heronsbrook Farm Farmers Heronsbrook Farm, Warwick Rd
Katie Joyce Costume Jewellery Ltd Fashion Accessories 1664, Knowle High St
Name Category
Bellagio Fashion Accessories 1687, High St
Denise of Knowle Fashion Accessories 36, St Johns Way
Dorothy Fashions Fashion Accessories 36, St Johns Way
Palmers Fashion Accessories 1640, High St
The Sale Room Fashion Accessories 7, St. Johns Way
The New Deli Cafe Fast Food 19, St. Johns Way
Centro Gas (Fireplace Studio) Fireplace 45-47, Station Rd
Loch Fyne Restaurants Ltd Fish and Seafood Restaurant 1632, High St
Stephanie's Floral Design House Florist 15, St. Johns Way
Sheldon Florist Florist 1691, High Street
JW European Ltd Florist 2, The Barn, Manor Park Farm, Haywood Lane
Rejuvenation Foot Health 18, Ullenhall Rd
B S A Logistics Ltd Freight Forwarding and Storage Station Rd
Tracs Freight Forwarding and Storage 38, Station Rd
River Nene Organic Vegetables Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale 35, Ullenhall Rd
British Institute of Embalmers Funeral Directors 21c, Station Rd
Big Idea Games Ltd Gaming Machines Old Bank House, 50, St. Johns Close
Exclusive Garden Designs of Knowle Garden Designers Brook House, Landor Rd
Penny Coggan Landscape Design Garden Designers 25, Milverton Rd
DC BURGOYNE & SONS Garden Equipment Heronfield Farm, Warwick Rd
Brocade Soft Furnishings Ltd Gift Shop 1707, High St
Carly's Gift Shop 1648, High St
Copt Heath Golf Club Ltd Golf Club and Courses 1220, Warwick Rd
Knowle Card Shop Greeting Cards Shop 1678, High St
Kixley Services Guest Houses Far End, Kixley Lane
Data Tek Referencing and Screening Services HR Consultancy 1694, High St
Roland Klein Hairdressers 1590, High St
Vanilla Hairdressers 3, Greville Court, High St
Wards Hairdressing Hairdressers 49, Station Rd
Jenny Jones FNIMH Herbalist within Premier Medical Centre, Knowle House, 51, Station Rd
The National Trust Historic Buildings Baddesley Clinton
Inspirations 92 Home Appliances 34, St. Johns Way
SOLIHULL HOME INFORMATION PACKS Home Information Packs 8, Ragley Close
Spendlove Consulting Ltd Home Information Packs 1662A ,High Street
Housing 21 Housing Association Patterson Court, Kenilworth Rd
Solihull Care Housing Association Ltd Housing Association 1619, Warwick Rd
Allison & Rodgers Housing Association 1578-1586, High St
Sunrise Of Knowle Housing Association 1270 Warwick Road
Cedar Hypnotherapy At Hypnotherapist Head To Toe Health, 1683C, High Street
SMALLWOOD Hypnotherapist 41, Tilehouse Green Lane
Trevor Smallwood Hypnotherapist 41, Tilehouse Green Lane
Colour for Life Image Consultants 14, Kixley Lane
Bilash Indian Cuisine Indian Restaurant 1608, High St
Knowle Indian Brasserie Indian Restaurant 1690, High St
The Lloyds Indian Restaurant Indian Restaurant 7, Station Rd
Bishop Fleming Insolvency Practitioners Priest House, 1624-1628, High St
Carmichael & Co Insurance - Others Colman House, Station Rd
In House Design Interior Design 1705, High St
Ground Rent Consultants Ltd Investment Companies 9, Station Rd
Vito's Traditional Italian Restuarant Italian Restaurant 5, St. Johns Way
Knowle Goldsmiths Jewellers 1644a, High St
R.J Rowley & Co Jewellers 1687a, High St
Betterware Sales Ltd Kitchens and Kitchenware 24, Blackdown Rd
Evacol Polymer Developments Ltd Laboratory Services 65, Tilehouse Green Lane
Marston Green Laundry Services Laundry 164, Browns Lane
BURGOYNE Lawnmowers and Garden Equipment and Services Heronfield Farm, Warwick Rd
Chris's Lawnmower Service Lawnmowers and Garden Equipment and Services 1761, Warwick Rd
Knowle Library Library Chester House, 1667-1669, High St
Lightingforyou Ltd Lighting Wholesale 153, Longdon Rd
Temptations Lingerie 21, St. Johns Way
Absolute Security Locksmith 1716, Warwick Rd
Knowle Locksmiths Locksmith 2a, Beausale Drive
Touchstone Lofts Loft Conversion 11, St. Johns Way
Parkway Loose Covers Loose Covers 2, Whittacre Rd
Larchwood Machine Tools Ltd Machine Tools 24, Browns Lane
Research & Marketing Associates Ltd Market Research 1, Chantry Heath Crescent
Brown & Cooper Marketing Consultancy 6, Wilsons Rd
Cadman White Marketing Consultancy 245, Station Rd
Mole Marketing Marketing Consultancy 1711, High St
Complete Harmony Massage Greville Court, 1665 High Street
Don Smith Consultancy Mediation 74, Langfield Rd
Excalibur Solicitors Mediation Old Bank House, St. Johns Close
Heaven & Co Solicitors Mediation 18, Lady Byron Lane
SL & Co Solicitors Ltd Mediation Chester Court, 1673, High St
South West Independent Medical Services Medical Supplies 24, Kenilworth Rd
David Aitchison Menswear Menswear 19, Station Rd
A1 Model Kits Model Shop 43, Chantry Heath Crescent
Fairy Good Ideas Model Shop Unit 2, Greville Court, 1665, High St
Janito Modern Cuisine Restaurant St. Johns Close
Gardner Independent Mortgage Broker Longdon House, 1588a High Street
Bentley Ash Mortgage Management Mortgage Broker 4, Slade Grove
Dorridge Music School Music School Greville Court, 1665, High St Music School 109, Tilehouse Green Lane
David Charles Marples Guitar Music Studios and Practice Rooms The Birches, 246, Station Rd
Love Thy Nails Nail Technician 1578, High St
The Retreat Hair and Beauty Nail Technician 1671, High St
Wine Science News Ltd Newspapers and Magazines 1, Hollywell Rd
All About Natural Health Nutritionists and Dieticians within Premier Medical Centre, Knowle House, 51, Station Rd
Surinder Ghatoray Nutritionists and Dieticians within Premier Medical Centre, 51, Station Rd
Tiger Specs Optical Goods 6, Milverton Rd
BANNISTER OPTICIANS Optical Goods 17, St. Johns Way
Greys Opticians Ltd Optical Goods 1642, High St
Osteopractitioner Osteopathy 1711 High Street
France Quirin D.O Osteopathy Stowe House, 1688, High St
Portugal Villas Co Overseas Holiday Accommodation Manor Park Farm, Haywood Lane
Thomson Overseas Holiday Accommodation 5, Brisker Court, High St
Journey The World Overseas Holiday Accommodation 1683a, High St
Knowle Travel Overseas Holiday Accommodation 1698, High St
Quicksilver Public Relations Ltd PR Grenadier House, 1625, Warwick Rd
Bailey Packaging Ltd Packaging Materials and Packaging Services P.O Box 64
Solihull Paintball Club Paintball 6, Lodge Rd
Ark Painters and Decorators Painters and Decorators Warwick Rd
Specialist Interior Services Ltd Partitioning Services P.O Box 7315
Aspect Design Ltd Partitioning Services 102, Browns Lane
Jetall Ltd Paving and Driveways 151, Longdon Rd
1st Pestaway Services Pest Service 16, Milverton Rd
Jet (Murco) Ltd Petrol Stations 32, Kenilworth Rd
Widney Service Station Petrol Stations Widney Rd
A.H Windridge Petrol Stations 1709, High St
dhMedia Photographers 31, Norton Green Lane
Frost Photo Centre Photographers 1652, High Street
Physiotherapy Solutions Physio 1683c, High St
Bella Venezia Pizza 1628a, High St
Bella Venezzia Pizza 1628a, High St
The Leveson Centre Places of Worship Temple House, Fen End Road West
Martyn Bramich Associates Planning Consultants Miria House, 1683b, High St
Platinum Plaster Plastering 28, Dell Farm Close
Tiger Coatings UK Ltd Powder Coating 21, Pettyfields Close
Leon Fisher Associates Property Development 146, Lady Byron Lane
Black Boy Pub Food Warwick Rd
Fullard Rosier Quantity Surveyors 1, Rotton Row Barns, 1957, Warwick Road
John W Pettet Associates Quantity Surveyors 1488, Warwick Rd
Pamela Whitehouse MAR, MDYTA, TATh Reflexology Healing Hands Complementary Therapies, 85 Longdon Road
Rosaire Ltd Refurbishment Commercial Premises 1711, High St
Agape Religious Organisations 1668, High St
Christian Science Committee on Publication for Warwickshire Religious Organisations 120, Darley Green Rd
The Columban Fathers Religious Organisations St. Columban's, Blythe Hall, Widney Manor Rd
LADY KATHERINE HOUSING AND CARE Residential and Retirement Homes Temple Balsall, Kenilworth Rd
Solihull Society for Mentally Handicapped Residential and Retirement Homes 127, Longdon Rd
Thai Village Restaurant 1594-1596, High St
Heronfield Riding School Riding School Wayside, Warwick Rd
Greedy Guts Sandwich Shop 1636a, High St
Cara Mia Shoes Shop 1703, High St
The Shoe Box of Knowle Shoes Shop 1602, High St
mellowyellow Specialists Clothing Priest House, 1624, High St
Tracey Elizabeth Carless BSc (Hons), RCSLT, HPC Speech Therapist 147, Darley Green Rd
Body Active Sports Medicine 14, Landor Rd
L.A.P. Cleaning Solutions Steam Cleaners 43, Kixley Lane
Walker Crips Stockbrokers Ltd Stockbrokers 1705, High St
Home Tan Sunbeds Sunbed Equipment P.O Box 12190
A Keith C Jones MA, FRICS Surveyors 6, Wychwood Avenue
Allied Surveyors plc Surveyors Stowe House, 1688, High St
John Shepherd Chartered Surveyors Surveyors 130, Station Rd
Nigel Evans Surveyors 1711, High St
Roskel Contracts Ltd Suspended Ceiling Suite 1a,Old Bank House,50, St. Johns Close
Isis Media Ltd TV and Video Production P.O Box 8209
Ventura Productions Ltd TV and Video Production P.O Box 100
Jade Palace Chinese Takeaway Takeaway 1610, High St
WHITEHOUSE Tax Advisor Stowe House, 1688, High St
Montpelier Tax Consultants (Midlands) Ltd Tax Advisor 1689, High St
Beach Telecom Consulting 153, Tilehouse Green Lane
Hall Communications Solutions Telecom Consulting 35, St. Lawrence Close
Knowle & Dorridge Racquets Club Tennis Club Grove Rd, Dorridge
Tiling Logistics Tiling 6, St. Johns Way
Avalon Forest Products Ltd Timber Agents 18, Wychwood Avenue
John Hollingsworth & Son Ltd Tobacco 70a, St. Johns Close
Micropower Ltd Trade Associations Stowe House, 1688, High St
The Mining Association of the UK Trade Associations 78, Copt Heath Drive
The Heron's Nest Vintage Inn Traditional Cuisine 2110, Warwick Rd
Toby Carvery-Knowle Traditional Cuisine 1635, Warwick Rd
Entry Parking Posts Traffic Management and Control Norton Reach, Norton Green Lane
Arden Nurseries Tree Services 1925, Warwick Rd
Hawthorn Cottage Tree Surgery Tree Services 53, Jacobean Lane
Midland Fluid Power Valves 38, Norton Green Lane
Cloptic Videos Video Services 67, Copt Heath Drive
Baker & Collins Electrical Services Ltd Washing Machines Parts and Repairs 1306, Warwick Rd
Knowle Domestic Appliance Repairs Washing Machines Parts and Repairs 59, Arden Vale Rd
R2 Web Design Web Design and Web Development 75, St. Johns Close
The Cake Boutique of Knowle Wedding Catering 1, Brisker Court, 1687 High St
Ivory Tower Bridal Couture Ltd Wedding Dresses 1692, High St
White Wedding Pages Wedding Dresses 2, Whitacre Rd
Magic Day Wedding Websites Wedding Information Service 107, Purnells Way
Midland Wedding Planner Magazine Wedding Information Service Warwickshire Office, 2, Whitacre Rd
Wychwood Marquees Wedding Venues 9, Wychwood Avenue
Precedent Legal Services Wills 19, Gainsborough Crescent
Wheelers Women Clothing 1606a, High St
Forgecraft Wrought Ironwork 44, Milverton Rd