Name Category
Columbus Solutions Ltd Accountants 7, Uplands Rd
G J Lowe Accountants Pennyweights, Welcomes Rd
Hamilton Stewart & Co Accountants Roke House, 1a, Little Roke Avenue
Srinivasan Accountants 32, Abbots Lane
1st Quote Direct Pennyweights Accountants 163, Welcomes Rd
Columbus Resources Ltd Accountants 7, Uplands Rd
The Business Round Table Accountants 2, Church Rd
Foresight Partnership Ltd Accountants 12, Welcomes Rd
Ivka Blay MBBACC Acupuncture 14, Cumberlands
Powerful Minds Acupuncture Godstone road, London CR8 5AE
Steviemac Mobilty Massage Therapies Acupuncture Flat 2, Nightingales, 16 Valley Rd
Morven Rae Acupuncture 169, Valley Rd
Liz Copeland Acupuncture 36, Welcomes Rd
Digital Aerial Specialist Aerial Supplies and Services 9, Park Rd
SECOM Aerial Supplies and Services Secom House, 52, Godstone Rd
Design & Install Aerial Supplies and Services Godstone Road, London CR8 5AG
1st Assist Electrical Aerial Supplies and Services 85, Little Roke Avenue
APG Electical Ltd Aerial Supplies and Services 88, Lower Rd
Clayton Electrical Ltd Aerial Supplies and Services 31, Hermitage Rd
Lee Air Conditioning (Services) Ltd Air Conditioning Lee House, 3, Lower Rd
LJ's Electrical Air Conditioning 40, Lower Rd
Architectural Design Services (UK) Ltd Architectural Services 30 Wildwood Court, Hawkhirst Rd
ODC Partnership Architectural Services 12, Wattendon Rd
Solus Design Partnership Architectural Services Langley Marish, Old Lodge Lane
Alves Limited Architectural Services 10 Lower Road
A 2 Z Builders Architectural Services 11, Wordsworth Avenue
Bradford Group Architectural Services 25, Garston Lane
Cushman Builders Architectural Services 3, Waverley Avenue
Pop Art Stars Artists - Commercial Art 11, Roke Lodge Rd
Corin Page Design and Illustration Artists - Commercial Art 11, Roke Lodge Rd
Blosch Design Artists - Commercial Art 19, Waverley Avenue
Appledore Guest House B&B 6, Betula Close
The Wattenden Arms B&B Old Lodge Lane
Princess Garden Restaurant B&B 68 Godstone Road, London CR8 5AA
Santini's Restaurant B&B 64, Godstone Rd Baby Products Holdcroft, Valley Rd
Miracle Photography and Design Baby Products 121, Valley Rd
Jamey Howard Photography Baby Products 49, Hayes Lane
Sheridans childcare service Babysitting, Nanny 1, Burwood Avenue
Maria's Childminding Service Babysitting, Nanny 1, Gomshall Gardens
Adlink Freelance Ltd Babysitting, Nanny 38, Cumberlands
The Linton Consultancy Ltd, Babysitting, Nanny 54, Abbots Lane
Helping Hands Babysitting, Nanny 35, Little Roke Rd
Abbey Wood Grange Day Nursery Babysitting, Nanny 16, Church Rd
Celebration Creation Balloon Party 2, Leonard Cottages, Godstone Rd
Cooper's Chair Covers Balloon Party The Coach House, 46 Park Road
Westbourne Florists Balloon Party 82, Godstone Rd
PB Tanton Bathroom Designer Flat 1-5, 22, Kenley Lane
Smart Tile Bathroom Designer 90, Valley Rd
Kenley Kitchens Bathroom Designer 24-26, Godstone Rd
H2Order Bathroom Designer London CR8 5BU
BSW Heating Ltd Bathroom Designer 3, Old Barn Lane
Complete Energy Certificates Ltd Bathroom Designer 13, Uplands Rd
Ipanema Beauty Beauty Treatments 15, Godstone Rd
Altered Images Beauty Treatments 12a, Godstone Rd
Broben & Co Beauty Treatments 1 Station Approach, Hayes Lane
Hair Lounge Beauty Treatments 1a, Station Approach, Hayes Lane
Studio 2 Beauty Treatments 84, Godstone Rd
Gems Tanning Beauty Treatments 28-30, Godstone Rd
Dial A Rod Boiler Repair Rod House, Hayes Lane
C Jones Plumbing and Heating Ltd Boiler Repair 56, Lower Rd
FC Quinn Boiler Repair 17, Gomshall Gardens
On Time Plumbing Boiler Repair 23, Steyning Close
ARD Ltd Boiler Repair 46 Valley Road
J Bryan Builders Ltd Builders Acorn House, 63, Hayes Lane
K.B.M.S Construction Ltd Builders 46, Park Rd
Touchwood Construction Builders 7, Bourne Park Close
M.D.H Interiors Builders
Jewson Ltd Builders' Merchants The Old Quarry, 265, Godstone Rd
Float 'N' Set Plasterers Building Maintenance 21, Lower Rd
Weighill Builders Ltd Building Maintenance Kenley Depot, Bourne Park Close
J F Davenport Building Surveyor 2, Yateley Court, Hayes Lane
Bairstow Eves London South Ltd Building Surveyor 3, Station Approach
IMS Consultants Ltd Business Consultants 6, Fairoak Close
Peter Speddings Consulting Ltd Business Consultants 45, Oaks Rd
Right Ideas Business Consultants 19, Hayes Lane
SECOM Plc CCTV Installation Secom House, 52 Godstone Rd
Top Cafe Cafe 8, Godstone Rd
Haweli of Kenley Cafe 40, Godstone Rd
Kenley House Ltd Cafe 2, Station Approach
Super Chef Cafe 38, Godstone Rd
The Small Cake Shop Cake Makers 60, Valley Rd
Items Cake Makers 72, Godstone Rd
Chocolate Fountain Ltd Cake Makers 6, Lower Rd
Motos Car Accessories and Car Parts 133, Godstone Rd
G Fleming & Sons Car Accessories and Car Parts 91, Godstone Rd
South Croydon Motor Centre Car Accessories and Car Parts High Lea, Golf Rd
All Phones Car Accessories and Car Parts 15, Hadley Wood Rise
PS Autos Car Dealers - New Cars 80a, Godstone Rd
ALPHA CAR RENTAL Car Dealers - Used Cars Legion House, Godstone Road
Windley Executive Cars Car Hire 6, Cullesden Rd Car Hire 1, Burwood Avenue, Croydon
Seni's Seven Seater Travel Car Hire 1, Burwood Avenue, Croydon
Inspired Careers Career Advice 2, Frensham Rd
Cruse Bereavement Care Career Advice P.O Box 2883
Zena Ayres Career Advice 6, Oakhurst Court, 4 Hayes Lane
Ultra-Clean Carpet Cleaning 253, Hayes Lane
Clean Machine Carpet Cleaning 25 St. Winifreds, Kenley Lane
A.V.A Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning 1, Kearton Close
Diamond Window Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Flat 2, Nightingales, 16 Valley Rd
Stuart Mills Cleaning Contractors Carpet Cleaning 12, Ashurst Close
D W Carpets Carpet Cleaning 8 Devon Close
DW Carpets Carpet Fitters 8, Devon Close
Vogue Contractors Ltd Carpet Fitters 159 Valley Road
Silverstand Enterprises Ltd Carpet Fitters 13, Bushey Close
Kush Cuisine Caterers 100, Lower Rd
Fernlea Cattery Catteries Fernlea, Golf Rd
Top Dogs Catteries 119, Welcomes Rd
Waggs Dog Grooming Catteries 69, Little Roke Avenue
The Association of British Drivers Charities P.O Box 2228
Legal Cost Drafting Service Charities 2, Hadley Wood Rise
Kenley Bazaar Charities 10, Godstone Rd
CGS Maintenance Cleaners 30, Bourne Park Close
Name Category
4 Seasons Coaches Coach Hire 10, Oaklands Gardens
D J Haulage Ltd Commercial Waste Disposal 18, Kearton Close
I.P.S Tree Surgeons and Stump Removal Commercial Waste Disposal 9, Waverley Avenue
Scanprobe Techniques Ltd Commercial Waste Disposal 11, Bushey Close
IT for FE Ltd Computer Consultants 7, Leacroft Close
E & J Technology Computer Consultants 1, Kearton Close Computer Consultants 5, Oaks Way
Amsys Ltd Computer Consultants Byron House, Lower Rd
Get It Going Computer Consultants 5, Hadley Wood Rise
Abacus Computer Consultancy Ltd Computer Consultants 43, Welcomes Rd
Compucare Systems Ltd Computer Consultants 3a, Lower Rd
Laptop Repairs Computer Consultants 7, Hadley Wood Rise
One Systems Ltd Computer Maintenance 72, Godstone Rd
M D Computer Link Computer Networking and Cables 137-139, Hayes Lane
Honeycomb Project Management Ltd Confectionery 75, Lower Rd
Avon Sales Leader Cosmetics and Toiletry Flat 10, Nightingales, 16, Valley Rd
Kenley Pharmacy Cosmetics and Toiletry 12, Godstone Rd
Zina Chemist Ltd Cosmetics and Toiletry 78, Godstone Rd
Artes Ceramics Sales Ltd Dental Technician 67, Lower Rd
Moya Dental Laboratory Dental Technician 67, Lower Rd
Kenley Dental Practice Dental Technician 70a, Godstone Rd
Web Motivation Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers 12 The Cascades, 18 Valley Road
Stevens Design Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers P.O Box 2327
The Marketing Services Co Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers 49, Hayes Lane
Growl Creative Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers 16, Waterbourne Way
Herbalife Independent Distributor Dieting and Weight Control 2 Lightwood Court, Valley Rd
International Weight Management and Nutrition Dieting and Weight Control 24, Valley View Gardens
Live Natural Personal Training Services Dieting and Weight Control 20, Valley Rd
Boogie Bounce Dieting and Weight Control 44, Bourne Park Close
Croydon School of Motoring Driving School London CR8 5DH
Kiss Ltd Driving School 117, Hayes Lane
Louise of Surrey Dry Cleaners 34, Godstone Rd
PJ Drylining Ltd Dry Lining 4a Betts Mead Parade, Old Lodge Lane
Proctors Electrical Services Electrician Station House, Station Rd
Turner Electronics Ltd Electronic Systems Turner House, Roke Close
Quiz Master Mike Entertainers 153, Hayes Lane
DAVE WINSLETT ASSOCIATES Entertainers 6, Kenwood Ridge
Ian Rae (Piano) Entertainers 169, Valley Rd
Moonlight Karaoke Entertainment Agency 61, Lower Rd
Woodhouse Financial Services Estate Agents 3, Montgomery Way
M Criscuolo & Co.Ltd Fashion Accessories Crisco House, 169, Godstone Rd
Cher Ladies Fashions Fashion Accessories 28, Kenley Lane
Sierra Fordham Fashion Accessories 20, Lower Rd
AWF Fire Protection Services Fire Extinguishing Equipment 2, Beckett Avenue
Lawrence Webster Forest Ltd Fire Extinguishing Equipment 75, Lower Rd
Deep Sea Fish Bar Fish and Chips 66, Godstone Rd
South Eastern Ceramic Tiling Flooring High Gates, 41, Abbots Lane
JB Shakespeare Ltd Florist 84, Godstone Rd
Surrey Hills Gliding Club Flying School Kenley Airfield
Freddy Shama & Co.Ltd Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale 22, Pondfield Rd
Co-op Foodstores Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale 60, Godstone Rd
Kenley News Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale 20, Godstone Rd
E.K.J Gas Services Gas Appliance 23 St. Winifreds, Kenley Lane
Reliant Gas Services Gas Installation 12, Waverley Avenue
All Glazing UK Glaziers 23, Bourne Park Close
Drinks Paradise Groceries and Convenience Stores 14, Godstone Rd
Kenley Wine Merchants Groceries and Convenience Stores 80, Godstone Rd
Laffey Handrails, Balustrades 7, Halton Rd
Salema Shakti Yoga Health Club 63, Lower Rd
Jewson Tool Hire Hire Services Equipment The Old Quarry, 265, Godstone Rd
In Control Systems Home Automation 6, Sherwood Oaks, Frensham Rd
G.R.S Trading Home Swimming Pools 16, Cumberlands
ARM Associates Insurance Intermediaries 32, Abbots Lane
Country Cream Lingerie 49, Hayes La
1ST British Standard Security Locksmith Oaks Road
Aardvark Locksmiths Ltd Locksmith Oaks Road
Kenley Locksmiths Locksmith 62-66 Godstone Road, London CR8 5AA
Fernside Loft Conversions Loft Conversion 102, Welcomes Rd
XJL Ltd Machinery Legion House, Lower Rd
Spruced Maintenance and Repair Services 25 St. Winifreds, Kenley Lane
International Ship Surveyors Ltd Marine Surveyor 6, Maryhill Close
Business Developments International Market Research Woodhurst House, 70, Welcomes Rd
Russia Direct Uk Ltd Market Research 4 Bredune, Church Rd
Colin Hill Motorcycles Motorcycle Parts and Accessories 197, Godstone Rd
Sandie Williams Piano for Children Music Teachers 2, Little Roke Avenue
Kumon maths & English tutoring Music Teachers St James Hall Little Roke Avenue, London CR8 5NE
Vortal Systems Music Teachers 7, Hadley Wood Rise
Oz Productions Music Teachers 30, Cullesden Rd
Hayes Court Nursing Home Nursing Homes 50, Hayes Lane
Hill House Care Home Nursing Homes 48-50, Park Rd
Little Hayes Nursing Homes 29, Hayes Lane
Acorn House Nursing Homes 63, Hayes Lane
Acorn Lodge Residential Home Nursing Homes 14, Abbots Lane
Allied Care Ltd Nursing Homes 37, Cullesden Rd
Hollybank Rest Home Nursing Homes Holly Banks, 5, Abbots Lane
Ingleside Residential Care Home Nursing Homes 20, Roke Rd
Blueprint Office Supplies Office Furniture 10, Benthall Gardens
Stuart Manufacturing Co.Ltd Office Furniture 135, Hayes Lane
Denyer Printers Ltd Office Stationery 33, Lower Rd
Columbian Press (Croydon) Ltd Office Stationery Legion House, Lower Rd
Optical Surfaces Ltd Optical Goods Godstone Rd
Kingfisher PR Consultants Ltd PR 41, Cumberlands
J J D Builders & Sons Painters and Decorators 14, Garston Lane
Quality Decor Painters and Decorators 135, Hayes Lane
Terence Lewis Painters and Decorators 39, Garston Lane
Cleankill (Environmental Services) Limited Pest Service Head Office, P.O. Box 2087, Purley, Surrey CR8 5NH
Deep2deep Productions Photographers 4, Roke Lodge Rd
Mike Vandervord Photography Photographers 3, Pondfield Rd
All Saints C of E Places of Worship Church Rd
GM Mouldings Ltd Plastics Moulding 9, Park Rd
Chiropody at Mobifeet Podiatrist, Chiropodist The Moorings Medical Practice, 2a, Valley Rd
GR Macfarlane SR Ch, M Ch S, D Pod Podiatrist, Chiropodist 24, Frensham Rd
Kenley Police Station Police 94-96, Godstone Rd
Deana Psychic 12, Bourne Park Close
Morven Residential House Residential and Retirement Homes 48, Uplands Rd
A Biden & Sons Roofing Contractors Roofing 6 Woodbury Close, Croydon, CR8 5PR
Kenley & Purley Roofing Roofing 119, Welcomes Rd
PMC Roofing Contractors Roofing 1, Chertsey Close
Brian Gow Roofing Warehouse Ltd Roofing Materials 5, Bushey Close
Symco (UK) Ltd Shipping Agents 11, Uplands Rd
Words First Speech and Language Therapy Speech Therapist 119, Valley Rd
Ceramic Tile Distributors Tile Suppliers Old Barn Lane, Unit 1, Bushey Close
China Lingua Translations Ltd Translations and Interpreters 9, Halton Rd
Name Category
Reminisce Events Wedding Planners 171, Hayes Lane