Name Category
SLH Accounting Ltd Accountants 62a, High St
Accord Accountants Accountants 5, New Broadway
Bradbury Stell Accountants The Glass House, 5a, Hampton Rd
Hampton Business Computer Services Ltd Accountants 4, New Broadway
Haxton & Co Accountants 124, High St
Penningtons Accountants 53, High St
The Little Gym Activity Centre 94-102, High St
Club Cricket Conference Activity Centre 24-26, High St
Starbucks Coffee Co (UK) Ltd Activity Centre within Sainsburys, Uxbridge Rd
Cafe Bonjourno Activity Centre 171b, High St
Giovanni's Cafe Activity Centre 32, High St
John Hofer Ltd Advertising Agencies Hofer House, 185, Uxbridge Rd
Yellowdot Design Ltd Advertising Agencies 5, Bushy Park Mews, 53 High St
Graffic Advertising Agencies Longford, 181, Uxbridge Rd
Lion Creative Advertising Agencies 145, Uxbridge Rd
Transcept Ltd Advertising Agencies 57, Burtons Rd
Mastercool Southern Ltd Air Conditioning Lacey House, Holly Road
Key Contracting Services Ltd Air Conditioning Lacey House, Holly Rd
A K Electrical and Security Air Conditioning 13, Wolsey Road
Blueline Electrical Air Conditioning Windmill Rd
Domestic Electrician Air Conditioning 37, Windmill Road
GL Electrical Air Conditioning 10, Longford Close
Thames Valley Hire Services Ltd Air Conditioning Consulting 5, Windmill Rd
Holistic Schools Alternative Medicine 12, Wolsey Rd
Knots Elementals Alternative Medicine 29, St. James's Avenue
A Beautiful Touch Alternative Medicine 171, High St
Me Me Me Beauty and Skincare Centre Alternative Medicine 54, High St
Able Physiotherapy Alternative Medicine 3, High St
Jeunesse Aesthetics Alternative Medicine 4, The Mews, 53 High St
A Boyall Ltd Architectural Ironmongery 187, High St
Hampton Hill Hardware Architectural Ironmongery 64, High St
Combined Security Architectural Ironmongery Comsec House, 67, Laurel Road
Anglo-Spanish Society Associations 7, School Rd
African Revival Associations 161, High St
Hampton & Hampton Hill Voluntary Care Group Associations The Greenwood Centre, 1a, School Rd
The Shooting Star Children's Hospice Charity Shop Associations 173a, High St
Merging UK Audio Visual Equipment St. Clare House, Holly Rd
Function Fixers Audio Visual Equipment Central House, 124 High Street
Hampton Medical Conferences Audio Visual Equipment 113-119, High St
Happening Ltd Audio Visual Equipment 26, Burtons Rd
Premier Mode Events Audio Visual Equipment Hofer House, 185, Uxbridge Rd
Kit & Crew Ltd Audio Visual Equipment 28, Holly Rd
Fred & Dora Ltd Baby Products 32, Links View Rd
Timeless Casting Baby Products 10, Westbank Rd
Attic Baby Products 34-36, High St
Function Photos Ltd Baby Products Lacey House, Holly Rd
Media Wisdom Photography Ltd Baby Products 5, Lindsay Rd
The Lunch-Box Bakery 52, High St
Surrey Personal Finance Ltd Bank 191, High St
Baker Commercial Bank The Gate House, 51, High St
Chase Buchanan Estate Agents Bank 101, High St
Snellers Bank 197-201, High St
Snellers Estate Agents Bank 197-201, High St
Claudio Celiberti Ltd Bathroom Designer 20, Cross St
Callaghan Interiors Ltd Bathroom Designer 203-205, High St
Your Local Plumbing Company Bathroom Designer 35-37 High Street
A L Plumbing and Heating (Hampton) Bathroom Designer 119, High Street
Ace Heating Systems Bathroom Designer 197, Uxbridge Rd
Bannons Hair and Beauty Beauty Salon 171, High St
Billy Basin Ltd Beauty Salon 40, High St
Cyrus Haidresser Ltd Beauty Salon 189, High St
French's Beauty Salon 130, High St
Envy Nails Beauty Salon 57, High St
Home Services Direct Boiler Repair Uxbridge Road
Hampton Boiler and Heating Services Boiler Repair 175 High Street
Procreation UK Ltd Broadcasting Services Templeton Studios, 114, High St
P.J Ostley Ltd Builders 107, Hampton Rd
Building Maintenance Services Builders Uxbridge Road
Chicken Feet Builders 161, High St
Handy Husband Builders 5 New Broadway, Hampton Rd
Dave's Carpentry Builders 10a, High St
Richard Salmon Builders 41, Myrtle Rd
ZGPM Ltd Building Consulting Wellington House, 209-217 High Street
Applegate Building Services Building Consulting 1a-3a, Holly Rd
Gulliford and Smith Building Consulting 6, The Mews, 53 High St
Michael Burrows and Associates Building Consulting 93, Hampton Rd
Sean Ellis Carpentry and Joinery Building Maintenance 11, Myrtle Rd
Thomas Farmer & Co Building Maintenance 9, Westbank Rd
CJ Dewhurst Building Services Engineering 27, St. James's Avenue
Audit & Risk Consulting Ltd Business Consultants 5a, Hampton Rd
Norman Marks Associates Business Consultants Lacy House, St. Clare House, Holly Rd
Businessmeans Ltd Business Consultants 8, Radcliffe Mews
Jackson Consulting Business Consultants 9, Seymour Rd
MHA Consultants Ltd Business Consultants 5a, Hampton Rd
D Smith Business and Commercial Finance 1 Chalcot Villas, 52, Park Rd
Consumernet Ltd Business and Commercial Finance Central House, 124, High St
Cafe Du Panache Cafe 118d, High St
The A & A Group Ltd, Car Insurance Garrick House, 161, High Street
Allen & Allen Car Insurance Garrick House, 161, High St
Broker King Car Insurance 161, High St
Hyperformance Car Insurance 161, High St
Prestige Car Insurance Garrick House, 161, High St
QuoteA Car Insurance Garrick House, 161, High St
Park Gate Joinery Carpenter 131, High St
Clean & Dusted Carpet Cleaning 38, Wolsey Road
Spick & Span Cleaning Carpet Cleaning 4 Longford Close
Brilliant Clean Ltd Carpet Cleaning 20, Deerhurst Crescent
Belle Casa (Richmond) Ltd Carpet Cleaning 22, Cranmer Rd
Mattress Doctor Ltd Carpet Cleaning 22, Cranmer Rd
Mmmarvellous Carpet Cleaning 22, Cranmer Road
ANDREW MILBANK CARPETS Carpet Cleaning 50, High St
Sticks & Stones Carpet Shops 4, Park Rd
Daisy Chain Caterers 179b, High St
FARA Charity Shops Charities Burnham House, 6, Windmill Rd
Geranium Charity Shop for the Blind Charities 66, High St
Connexions Psychotherapy Charities 1, Burtons Rd
Harlequin Family Therapy Charities 147, Burtons Rd
Pregnancy and Post Natal Counselling Charities The Greenwood Centre, 1a, School Rd
The Shooting Star Children's Hospice Fundraising Office Charity Shop Kathryn House, The Mews, 53, High St
Chow Chow Oriental Restaurant Chinese Restaurant 6, New Broadway
Hampton Garden Chinese Restaurant Chinese Restaurant 169, High St
Tin Tin Chinese Restaurant Chinese Restaurant 75, High St
The Royal Elephant Chinese Restaurant 22, High St
Duke of Clarence Chinese Restaurant 147, High St
Joes Bar & Restaurant Chinese Restaurant 99, High St
European Chiropractors Union Chiropractor 5a, Hampton Rd
Carol Wilmot Chiropractor within Health on the Hill, 62, High St
Health on the Hill Chiropractor 62, High St
Perry Lutz Chiropractor 54 Uxbridge Road
Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church Churches and Christian Places Angel Close
Hampton Hill United Reformed Church Churches and Christian Places High St
Richmond Borough Church Churches and Christian Places 27, Longford Close
G.F Gardening Cleaners 33, Park Rd
Greaterscapes Cleaners 101, Uxbridge Rd
Langparsons Coaching & Counselling Coaching 222, Uxbridge Rd
Outplacement Counsellors Coaching 222, Uxbridge Rd
Consalia Ltd Coaching The Glass House, 5a, Hampton Rd Coaching 10, Longford Close
Stone Residential LLP Commercial Estate Agents 51, High St
Compiclean (UK) Ltd Computer Cleaning 38, Edward Rd
Computersave.Co.Uk Computer Cleaning 45, Windmill Rd
Diamond Electronics & Computers Ltd Computer Cleaning 143, Uxbridge Rd
Systems Studio Computer Cleaning 101, Hampton Rd
Marketdeveloper Ltd Computer Consultants Bourne House, 10, Windmill Rd
Strawberry Global Technology Computer Consultants Unit 1, Business Park
Macro IT Service Computer Consultants 43, Taylor Close
Greyhound Catering Computer Training Flat 8, Walton Lodge, 11, St. James's Rd
Name Category
PAFA Consulting Engineers Consulting Engineers Hofer House, 185, Uxbridge Rd
CutMyCarbon Consulting Engineers 28, Park Rd
Le Creuset Cookers, Ovens, Stoves - Retailers and Suppliers 35, St. James's Rd
Stewart & Young Ltd Cookers, Ovens, Stoves - Retailers and Suppliers 105, High St
ARLINGTON KITCHENS Cookers, Ovens, Stoves - Retailers and Suppliers 48, High St
Lca International Courier Services Lacey House, Holly Rd
Elite Couriers Courier Services 5a, Hampton Rd
Louis James Removals Courier Services 105a, High St
TJS Logistics Ltd Courier Services 113, Burtons Rd
Hampton Hill Theatre School Dancing Schools THE GREENWOOD CENTRE, SCHOOL ROAD
Hillpark Nursery School Day Nursery St. James's Church, St. James's Rd
The Ivytree Nursery Ltd, Day Nursery The Foyer, United Reform Church, High St
Greenacres Childcare Day Nursery 85, High St
Hampton Hill Mixed Junior School Day Nursery St. James's Avenue
Lady Eleanor Holles School Junior Department Day Nursery Burlington House, 177, Uxbridge Rd
Oasis Dental Care Dentist 127-129, High Street
Dr M Deasy Dentist Bushy Park Family Dental Health Cen, 25, High St
Fine Line Design Associates Ltd Design Consultancy 107, Hampton Rd
Shine Marketing Design Consultancy Templeton Lodge, 114, High St
Monch & Park Ltd Design Services Templeton Lodge, 114 High St
Gravytrain Ltd Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers Unit 8, The Mews, 53 High St
Lion Digital Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers 145, Uxbridge Rd
The Turtle Partnership Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers Hofer House, 185, Uxbridge Rd
Mobius Software Ltd Designers - Advertising and Graphic Designers 13, Laurel Rd
Scantronics Ltd Document Management St. Clare House, Holly Rd
Scanex Ltd Document Management St. Clare Business Park, Holly Rd
Printpak Document Management Lacey House, Holly Rd
True Systems Ltd Document Management Unit 6, Hampton Hill Business Park, High St
Dirty Dogs Grooming Salon Dog Grooming 3 New Broadway, Hampton Road
Bowwow-Meow Dog Grooming 18, Edward Rd
Hampton Hill Windows Double Glazing Installation 2, New Broadway, Hampton Rd
SashWise Double Glazing Installation 6, Cross St
Express Drainage Surveys Drainage Consulting St. Clare Business Park
Express Drainage Solutions Drainage Consulting Unit 1, St. Clare Business Park, Holly Road
Hydro-Cleansing Ltd Drainage Consulting 78, High Street
Matt Taylor Driving School 6, School Rd Avenue
Morgan Stewart Driving School 101, High St
Connect Group Consulting Ltd Driving School 5, Hampton Hill Business Park, High St
Explore Learning Ltd Driving School 303, Uxbridge Rd
Cache 2 Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaners 185, High St
Jems Dry Cleaners Dry Cleaners within Sainsbury's, 303, Uxbridge Rd
CDR Electrical Wholesalers Ltd Electrical Appliances Retailers and Suppliers 5a, Windmill Rd
David Rose Lighting Ltd Electrical Supplies 59, High St
John Hodgson Lighting Electrical Supplies 41, High St
Hennessy Electrician 119A, High St
Hampton Engravers Engraving 26, Ringwood Way
Destrodent Pest Control Environmental Consultants 57, Park Rd
KTS Oil Services Ltd Environmental Consultants Unit 7, Bushey Park Mews, 53, High St
Tiffin Estate Agents Estate Agents 39a, High St
Your Move Estate Agents 118, High St
Mann Countrywide Estate Agents 197-201, High St
Philip Hodges Estate Agents 191-193, High St
Thamesview Estate Agents Ltd Estate Agents 141, Uxbridge Rd
International Exhibition Design Services Ltd Exhibition Stands 5, Hampton Rd
Assadi Trading Group Fair Trade Products 31, Longford Close
Abbey Fencing Fencing 9, Wolsey Rd
Greenwood Furnishings Fitted Furniture 120, High St
Twiggys Florist Florist 107, High Street
Frederick W Paine Funeral Directors Florist 118e High Street
GS Keates & Co Florist 49, High St
The Fair Trade Faerie Florist 32, Seymour Rd
Tropicals Direct Ltd Florist Supplies 41, Longford Close
EURO-FORKS Fork Lift Trucks 3, Laurel Rd
Research & Intelligence Support Centre (RISC) Further Education Unit 3, The Mews, 53 High St
AA Town & Country Garage Doors Garage Doors 31, Taylor Close
B & M Motors Garage Services 2, Burtons Rd
Five O Motors Garage Services 7, Windmill Rd
J & P Motors Garage Services 126-128, High St
Gardening Angels Ltd Garden Designers 25, Links View Rd
Landscaping Solutions Ltd Garden Designers 32, Park Rd
The Card Collection Gift Shop 173, High St
Hampton Hill Newsagent Greeting Cards Shop 33, High St
Hampton Mini Market Greeting Cards Shop 60, High St
Taps Newsagent Greeting Cards Shop 42, High St
Farmers City Market Groceries and Convenience Stores 94-102, High St
Apache Home Removals 86, St. James's Avenue
Minar Tandoori Restaurant Indian Restaurant 195, High St
Cheers Insurance Brokers Ltd Insurance Intermediaries 44, High St
Piazza Firenze Ltd Italian Restaurant 133, High St
Prince Sports Europe Ltd Kitchens and Kitchenware Thames House, 116, High St
Twickenham Surveys Land Surveyor Central House, 124, High St
Frazers Surveyors Ltd Land Surveyor The Gate House, 51 High Street
Legal Information Ltd Legal Services 210, Uxbridge Rd
Richard Kanani & Co Legal Services 4, Cranmer Rd
Trelfa & Co Legal Services Milton House, 28, Cranmer Rd
Hampton Hill Library Library Windmill Rd
Rick Hussey Lighting Design Lighting Consultants 4, Wolsey Rd Lingerie 233, Uxbridge Rd
Veda Aid Medical Supplies Tredex House, High St
Hampton Hill Pharmacy Medical Supplies 173b, High St
Accuity Opticians Ltd Medical Supplies 109-111, High Street
La Familia Mediterranean Restaurant 99, High St
Quit Dreaming Recording Studio Music Studios and Practice Rooms 182, Uxbridge Rd
Soft-Spoken Words Music Studios and Practice Rooms 101, Hampton Rd
Hillsound Music Studios and Practice Rooms 24-26, High Street
Neale Jennings Music Studios and Practice Rooms 12, Cranmer Rd
MI Repairs Musical Instrument Repairs and Tuning 10, High St
Old Violin Workshop Musical Instrument Repairs and Tuning 10, High St
Noble Green Wines Ltd Newsagents 155, High St
Nicolas UK Ltd Newsagents 173, High St
Hydra Healthcare Nursing Agencies Concorde House, 46, High St
Holt Medical Recruitment Nursing Agencies Concorde House, 46, High St
Care UK Nursing Agencies Laurel Dene, 117, Hampton Rd
Grove Care Partnership Ltd Nursing Agencies 6, Park Rd
Laurel Dene Nursing Home Nursing Homes 117, Hampton Road
Naples Florida Villa Overseas Holiday Accommodation 57, Park Rd
Newland UK Ltd Overseas Holiday Accommodation 209-217, High St
Interjet Tours Ltd Overseas Holiday Accommodation 28, High St
Ridgemount PR PR 7, Hampton Hill Business Park, High St
Hawk & Trowel Plastering Painters and Decorators 12, Holly Rd
Dr Fit Personal Trainer 30, Fairlight, Uxbridge Rd
Motive8 Ltd Personal Trainer Unit 3, The Muse, 53 High St
Click 2 Print Photo Printing 30A High St
Greenwood Furniture Pine Furniture 120, High St
Partners in Pine Pine Furniture 38, High St
Feet on the Hill Podiatrist, Chiropodist 18, High Street
A B E Engineering Precision Engineers 7, High St
ABE Engineering Precision Engineers 7, High St
Tekram Properties Ltd Property Development Burnham House, Archer Mews, 6, Windmill Rd
The Windmill Pub 80 Windmill Road
The Star Pub 8, High St
The Rising Sun Pub Food 29, High St
FMB Consultants Ltd Publishers 6, Windmill Rd
SBoots Ltd Safety Equipment 39b, Edward Rd
Roman Scaffolding Scaffolding Lacey House, Holly Rd
5 Star Secretarial Services Ltd Secretaries 6, Links View Rd
Find A VA Secretaries 9, The Garth
Norton Profile Products Ltd Steel Stockholders 22, Sanders Close
Hons Chinese Takeaway Takeaway 151, High St
Evil Weevil Ink Tattoos 28e, High St
Jovanni's Cafe Tea and Coffee Shops 32, High St
tb Data Telecom Equipment 156, Uxbridge Rd
QiComm Telecom Equipment Network House, 15, High St
Kip McGrath Education Centre Tours and Sightseeing 30, High St
A Charrondiere Translations and Interpreters 7, Sanders Close
Kenneth Philips Watch Shop 136, Uxbridge Rd
Massive Ltd Wine Bar Central House, 124, High St
Distell Europe Ltd Wine Merchants 209-217, High St
Name Category
Jane's Wool Shop Wool Shop 3, New Broadway