Name Category
JW Scrivens & Co Accountants Grays Court, 5 Nursery Road
Clement Keys Accountants 39-40 Calthorpe Road
Mallett, Jones & Co Accountants Lee House, 6A, Highfield Road
Nutwood Business Services Accountants 27, Odell Place
JW Hinks Accountants 19, Highfield Rd
Webb Holton and Associates Accountants 23, Calthorpe Rd
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Independent Financial Services Ltd Accountants 1st floor, 57, Calthorpe Rd
BTG Tax Accountants 19, George Road
SWIIS Foster Care Adoption Agency 24, Highfield Rd
Shaw & Underwood Advertising Services Ltd Advertising Agencies Suite 5, The Cloisters, 11-12 George Road
Digital Advertising Solutions Ltd Advertising Agencies 3, Highfield Rd
Wyatt International Ltd Advertising Agencies Wyatt House, 72, Francis Rd
The Media Division Ltd, Advertising Agencies 15, Highfield Rd
Wellplanned Advertising Ltd Advertising Agencies 5, George Rd
One Marketing Advertising Agencies 53, Church Rd
Plus 4 Advertising Agencies 90, Nursery Rd
Panther Marketing Ltd Advertising Agencies 37, George Rd
Otis Airports Transfers 3, Vicarage Rd
Wedding Cars Ltd Airports Transfers 14-15 Frederick Road
Chauffeurs of Birmingham Airports Transfers Crest House, 7, Highfield Rd
Generation Sports and Language Airports Transfers 75, Nursery Rd
Pinocchio American Restaurant 8, Chad Square, Hawthorne Rd
Regards Restaurant American Restaurant 27 Chad Square, Hawthorne Rd
The Asquith American Restaurant 1, Montague Rd
Pascal's Restaurant Ltd American Restaurant 1, Montague Rd
Birmingham Archaeology Archeology Services and Archaeologists within Birmingham University
Birmingham Archaelogy Archeology Services and Archaeologists
Lapworth Partnership Architects 44, George Rd
Seymour Harris Architecture Architects 26, Highfield Rd
Sinclair Architects Architects Montan House, 36, Calthorpe Rd
Weedon Partnership Architects Quadrant Court, 47-48, Calthorpe Rd
Suzanne Barnes Design Partnership Ltd Architects 53, Calthorpe Rd
C.S.J Brooke-Smith Architects The Cloisters, 12, George Rd
Alliance Environment and Planning Ltd Architects Halifax House, 14-15, Frederick Rd
Bruce Shaw Partnership Ltd Architects 47, Calthorpe Rd
Smith Balla Architects 51-52, Calthorpe Rd
SB Aromatherapy Aromatherapy Flat 1, 13, Holly Rd
sk:n Aromatherapy 32 Harborne Road
The Harley Medical Group Aromatherapy 24, Calthorpe Road
The Westbourne Centre Aromatherapy 53 Church Road
The Edgbaston Physiotherapy Clinic Aromatherapy 43 George Road
MG Physiotherapist Ltd Aromatherapy 22, George Rd
Barber Institute of Fine Arts Art Gallery University of Birmingham
Graffiti4hire Art Gallery 15, Carlyle Rd
Tower Ballroom Art Gallery Reservoir Rd
Waterstone's Art Gallery University Of Birmingham
Teceris Assessors Quadrant Court, 49, Calthorpe Rd
Tradesure Assessors 4 Vicarage Road
National Association of Round Tables Associations Marchesi House, 4, Embassy Drive
Centre Club Associations Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre
Munrow Sports Centre Associations within University of Birmingham
Edgbaston Archery and Lawn Tennis Society Associations 14a, Westbourne Rd
Edgbaston Priory Club Ltd Associations Sir Harrys Rd
Mount Pleasant Working Mens Club Associations Reservoir Rd
Tally Ho Bowling and Social Club Ltd Associations Priory Rd
Carino Kidz Design Baby Store 6, Calthorpe Rd
Carol Lee of Edgbaston Baby Store 8, Chad Square,Hawthorn Rd
Sloane Curtis Enforcement Bailiffs Somerville House, 20-22 Harbourne
MBLP Enterprise Bailiffs 12, Norfolk Rd
MBLP Private Investigators Bailiffs Flat 12, Bradbeer House, Francis Rd
19 Gales Farmhouse Foods Bakery within University Of Birmingham
Stones Deli Bakery 4, Calthorpe Rd
Balfour Evans Catering Bakery within Edgbaston Golf Club, 25, Church Rd
Casa Mobile Bars Bakery 209, Poplar Avenue
Toe Holdings Ltd Bank 52, Frederick Rd
Davidson Estates Bank The Coach House, 14a Frederick Road
Antz Maintenance Bathroom Designer 16, Twyning Ro
Adam Ridley Carpentry and Joinery Bathroom Designer 32, Southfield Avenue
Fusion Bathroom Designer 21, Highfield Rd
All Eyes On You Beauty Salon 119, Poplar Avenue
Mitre Beauty Beauty Salon 2, Highfield Rd
Elite Surgical Ltd Beauty Salon The Westbourne Centre, 53 Church Road
Stationery Box Ltd Book Shop New Refectory Block, University of Birmingham
The Bindery Bookbinders Edgbaston
Sneaky Zee Inflatables Bouncy Inflatables 45, Shenstone Rd
Brenda Scott Music Bouncy Inflatables 150, Poplar Avenue
Bigwood Charterd Surveyors Building Surveyor 51-52, Calthorpe Rd
Cameron Trafford Retail Property Consultants Building Surveyor New Victoria House, 77, Francis Rd
Checkley & Co Building Surveyor The Cloisters, 12, George Rd
Paramount Surveyors Building Surveyor Halifax House, 14-15, Frederick Road
George Corderoy & Co Building Surveyor 19, Calthorpe Rd
DBM Birmingham Business Consultants 353, Bristol Rd
The Business Partnership Business Transfer Agents Crest House, 7, Highfield Road
Cars Underwriters Car Dealers - New Cars 52, Westfield Rd
Mo's Mobile Auto Mechanic Car Dealers - New Cars 1, Southfield Avenue
Fleet Street Ltd Car Dealers - New Cars 22-24, York Rd
CVS Car Dealers - New Cars Unit 16, Rotton Park St
Heritage Classic Car Insurance Car Insurance 4 Vicarage Road
Tradesure Motor Trade Insurance Car Insurance 4 Vicarage Road
Cooporate & Complex Adjusting Car Insurance Quadrant Court, 49, Calthorpe Rd
autism.west midlands Car Insurance 18, Highfield Rd
Metamorphosis Car Insurance Martineau Gardens, 27, Priory Rd
Sampad Car Insurance 4, Church Rd
Acclaim Shopfitters Carpenter 37, Carlyle Rd
Aspects Cleaning Co Carpet Cleaning Apt 3, 53 Sterling Road
JD Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Flat 2, 2, York Rd
WGC Ltd Carpet Cleaning Halifax House, 14-15, Frederick Rd
Tip Top Cleaners Carpet Cleaning 1, Chad Square
Rhino Ware Ceramics and Pottery Unit 7, Rotton Park St, Ladywood
St Peters Saltley Trust Charities Grays Court, 3, Nursery Rd
Mobility Advice Line Charities Unit 7, Rotton Park St
Birmingham Couples Counselling Network Charities 22, Westfield Rd
Edward's Trust Sunrise Charities 43a, Calthorpe Rd
Fraterdrive Ltd Charities 5, Arthur Rd
Edgbaston Private Medical Practice Chiropractor 6, George Rd
Executive Medical Screening Services Chiropractor 15, Hermitage Rd
Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd Civil Engineer 14, George Rd
Stewart & Harris Ltd Civil Engineer 9 Frederick Road
Cercia Civil Engineer The University Of Birmingham
Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd Civil Engineer Quandrant Court, 44-45, Calthorpe Rd
Pell Frischmann Consultants Ltd Civil Engineer 9, Frederick Rd
M.R.I Centre Clinic within BMI Edgebaston Hospital, Somerset Rd
Birmingham and Solihull Bladder Clinic Clinic Priory Rd
Birmingham Knee and Shoulder Clinic Clinic The Priory Hospital, Priory Road
The Birmingham Bowel Clinic Clinic Priory Hospital, Priory Rd
Musculoskeletal Pathology (R.O.H) Clinic Robert Aitken Institute Of Clinical, Medical School, University of Birmingham
Birmingham Fertility and Gynaecology Centre Ltd Clinic Birmingham Nuffield Hospital, 22, Somerset Rd
Birmingham Urology Clinic Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Midlands Foot and Ankle Clinic Clinic The Coach House, The Priory Hospital, Priory Rd
Lynda Bird Consulting Coaching 15, Montague Rd
Paulina Oslerne Coaching 71, Ryland Rd
Claim Co Compensation Claims 51, Frederick Rd
Davisons Solicitors Compensation Claims Sycamore House, 54 Calthorpe Rd
Computer Genius Computer Consultants Lee House, 6a, Highfield Rd
JMAR Associates Ltd Computer Consultants Apartment 4,St. James Place,34, George Rd
Cocotec Computer Services Computer Consultants 101, Shenstone Rd
Professional Link Ltd Computer Consultants 39-40, Calthorpe Rd
DCS Corporation plc Computer Consultants University of Birmingham, University Centre, Edgbaston Park Rd
Zybert Computing Ltd Computer Consultants Crest House, 7, Highfield Rd
Magnifix Solutions Computer Maintenance Flat 4, 18-20, York Rd
Patrick Charles Consultancy Ltd Computer Training 13-14, Lee House, 6a Highfield Rd
Signature Apartment Conference Services Montague Mews, 5 Montague Road
Capita Symonds Ltd Consulting Engineers Quadrant Court, 49, Calthorpe Rd
RoSPA Consulting Engineers 353, Bristol Rd
Edgbaston Aesthetics Cosmetic Surgery 44, George Rd
Mark Simmons FRCS Cosmetic Surgery 22, Somerset Road
PRIORY HOSPITAL Cosmetic Surgery Priory Rd Cosmetic Surgery Priory Rd
Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group Cosmetic Surgery 38 Highfield Rd
Edgeaston Aesthetics Cosmetic Surgery 8, George Rd
L.H Yap Plastic Surgeon Cosmetic Surgery within Priory Hospital, Priory Rd
Surgicare Ltd Cosmetic Surgery 50, Frederick Rd
Westfield Aesthetics Cosmetic Surgery
BTPP Ltd Counselling and Advice Flat 1 Queens College, Somerset Rd
Name Category
Cashmore School of Dance Dancing Schools 2, Jacoby Place, Priory Rd
Virgin Active Dancing Schools 78, Francis Rd
ShredPro Secure On-Site Shredding Data Destruction 39-40 Calthorpe Road
HROC Data Destruction 15, Highfield Rd
Norfolk House School Day Nursery 4, Norfolk Rd
Priory School Day Nursery Sir Harry's Road
St. Georges's School Edgbaston Day Nursery 31, Calthorpe Rd
The Priory School Day Nursery Sir Harrys Rd
Gemstone Financial Management Debt Counselling and Advice Gemstone House, Highfield Court, Highfield Rd
The Tatum Clinic Dentist Highfield House, 2, Highfield Rd
Healthier Weight Dieting and Weight Control 3, Vicarage Rd
Vita Clinics Dieting and Weight Control 38, Highfield Rd
Lifestyles 2day Dieting and Weight Control Sir Harrys Rd
Anurekha Gosh Drama School 58, Poplar Avenue
A YUSUF Dry Cleaners 6, Chad Square, Hawthorne Road
The Year in Industry West Midlands Region Educational Services within Unniversity of Birmingham
Angela-Economics Tutor Educational Services Flat 22, Bromford Gardens, 2, Westfield Rd
The Tuition Group Educational Services The Study Centre, Botanical Gardens, Westbourne Road
Cancer Studies Educational Services University of Birmingham
Queen's Foundation Birmingham (Theological Education) Educational Services Somerset Rd
Academic Services Educational Services University of Birmingham
Copes Electrical Electrician 21, Holly Road
Greek Consulate Embassy Flat 7, Elmhurst, 5a Norfolk Rd
Italian Consulate Embassy Royal Mail House, 2, Calthorpe Rd
Midlands Associates Energy Saving Consulting 15, Frederick Rd
Lease Method Management Ltd Estate Agents 50, Farquhar Rd
Territone Properties Ltd Estate Agents 22-24, York Rd
Ultralase Eye Laser Surgery 14, Highfield Rd
Ultralase Laser Eye Surgery Eye Laser Surgery 14, Highfield Road
S.W Optics Optician Eye Laser Surgery University Centre, Birmingham University
Asset Management Property Maintenance Ltd Facilities Management
HSBC Invoice Finance (UK) Ltd Factoring and Invoice Discounting 2nd floor, 12, Calthorpe Rd
Calthorpe Clinic Family Planning and Sexual Health Clinics 4, Arthur Rd
MitsuCo Fashion Accessories 34, Leslie Rd
Arlington Financial Management Financial Advisors 2, Arthur Rd
J.H Financial Consultancy Ltd Financial Advisors 6, Vicarage Rd
Jack Briggs (Investments) Ltd Financial Advisors 26, Wellington Rd
Medical Money Management Financial Advisors 42, Calthorpe Rd
Indra Rastogi Foot Health 101, Westfield Rd
Indra Singh Chiropodist Foot Health 101, Westfield Rd
Perfect Feet Foot Health 1 Hampton Court, George Rd
Private Medical Insurance Services Ltd Foot Health 2, Calthorpe Rd
Simpsons Restaurant French Restaurant 20, Highfield Rd
Visual Foods Limited Frozen Food 54 Hagley Road
Big Lottery Fund Fund Raising Apex House, Calthorpe Rd
Cancer Research UK Fund Raising Unit 5 The Cloisters, 12, George Rd, Edgebaton
The Birmingham Business School Further Education University House, Edgbaston Park Rd
Funny Gifts Gift Delivery Crest House, 7, Highfield Rd
Edgbaston Fine Detail Gift Delivery 20, Frederick Rd
Frangipani Flowers Gift Delivery The Studio, 73, Wellington Rd
Everest Glass Glassworks 52, Wellington Rd
Edgbaston Golf Club Ltd Golf Club and Courses 25, Church Rd
Edgbaston Stringing Centre Golf Club and Courses 56, Sir Harrys Rd
Priory Sports Golf Club and Courses within The Edgbaston Priory Club, Sir Harrys Rd
Unisport Golf Club and Courses within The Munrow Sports Centre, University of Birmingham
Prisoner Location Service Government Offices Five Ways House, Islington Row Middle
Valuation Office Agency Government Offices 14-17, George Rd
Eyears Ltd Government Offices Radclyffe House, Hagley Road
Cuild Of Students Government Offices University Of Birmingham, Edgbaston Park Road
Day Job Government Offices Crest House, 7, Highfield Rd
EEF Ltd HR Consultancy St James's House Frederick Road
ACAS HR Consultancy Apex House, 3 Embassy Drive, Calthorpe Rd
EEF West Midlands HR Consultancy St. James's House, Frederick Rd
Elaine Stowell HR Consultancy 11, Montague Rd
Optima Hair Specialist Ltd Hair Consultants 43, George Rd
Professional Home Hair Stylist Hair Consultants 51, Poplar Avenue
NHS Offices Birmingham And The Black Country Health Authority Health Authorities 27, Highfield Rd
BMI Edgbaston Hospital Health Authorities 22, Somerset Rd
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Health Authorities within Queen Elizabeth Medical Cen
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Health Authorities Mindelsohn Way
i2 Healthcare Ltd Health Insurance Lee House, 6a, Highfield Rd
AA Food Consultancy Health and Safety Consultants 95, Ridgeway
Independent Medical Advisers Ltd Health and Safety Consultants 39, George Rd
The Priory Hospital Hospital Priory Rd
University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust Hospital P.O Box 9551
Claremont House Hostel 28, Reservoir Rd
Sitra Hostel 52, Frederick Rd
Dentists General Mutual Benefits Society Ltd Income Protection Insurance St. James Court, 20 Calthorpe Road
West House School Independent Schools and Colleges 24, St. James Rd
A.A Tuition Centre Independent Schools and Colleges 38, Wellington Rd
Edgbaston High School for Girls Independent Schools and Colleges Westbourne Rd
Hallfield School Independent Schools and Colleges Church Road
R R P P S Instrumentation Services Queen Elizabeth Hospital
KKJ Designs Internet Services 23, Poplar Avenue
Autotrain e-Learning Internet Services 58, Jacoby Place, Priory Rd
Emaginetix Ltd Internet Services Crest House, 7, Highfield Rd
University Of Birmingham Centre For Modern Languages Language Schools and Language Courses Pritchatts Road
BIBC Language Schools and Language Courses Edgbaston
A To Z Interpreting and Translations Language Schools and Language Courses 62 Wheeleys Road
Best & Lloyd (UK) Ltd Lighting Wholesale 2, Holly Rd
Everest Engineering Magnets 52, Wellington Rd
West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit Market Research Public Health Building, Univeristy of Birmingham
The Conservatory Market Research
The Market Research Unit Market Research University of Birmingham:guild Of, Edgbaston Park Rd
Guitar Guitar Music School 100, Hagley Rd
Arc Studios Music School 17, Yew Tree Rd
Redbrick Newspapers and Magazines Edgbaston
Michael Pinsent Notary Fieldgate House, 61, Wellington Rd
Sunrise Of Edgbaston Nursing Homes 5 Church Rd
Edgbaston Beaumont Care Home Nursing Homes 32 St. James Road
Shirwin Court Nursing Homes 46, Poplar Avenue
Redventure Outdoor Pursuits 53, Calthorpe Rd
Birmingham Rowing Club Ltd Outdoor Pursuits 115, Reservoir Rd
World Removals and Storage Oversea Removals Unit 19, Rotton Park St
Superior Villas Overseas Holiday Accommodation 25a, York Rd
STA Travel Ltd Overseas Holiday Accommodation Guild of Students, Birmingham University, Edgbaston Park Rd
Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses Overseas Holiday Accommodation Westbourne Rd
Smarts Ltd PR 9, The Apex, 6, Embassy Drive, Calthorpe Rd
Willoughby PR Ltd PR 43, Calthorpe Rd
Everest Packaging Packaging Machinery 52, Wellington Rd
Michael Garmston Physio The Munroe Centre, Birmingham University
Neuro Physio Plus Ltd Physio 22, George Road
Medical & Orthopedic Sports Therapy Physio Flat 1, Hampton Court, George Rd
Coton Ltd Pizza Delivery 3, Calthorpe Rd
St Augustines C of E Church Places of Worship 9, Lyttelton Rd
University of Birmingham Roman Catholic Chaplaincy Places of Worship Newman House, Harrisons Rd
Barewood Build Maintenance Project Management 66, Ridgeway
Complete Construction Management Ltd Project Management Halifax House, 14-15, Frederick Rd
Wakemans Ltd Project Management 11-12, Highfield Rd
Quincey Mason Practices Project Management Lee House, 6a, Highfield Rd
The High Field Pub Food 22 Highfield Road
Wakemans Quantity Surveyors 11-12, Highfield Rd
Walker Cotter Ltd Quantity Surveyors 42, George Rd
Wildfish Media Recording Studio 36, Calthorpe Rd
Absolute Climate Control Ltd Refrigeration Engineers 2 Bradbeer House, Francis Rd
Midland Relocation Services Ltd Relocation Agents 40, George Rd
Essential Secretary Secretaries Flat 9, 2, Lyttelton Rd
Edgbaston Business Centre Ltd Serviced Offices 7, Highfield Rd
Halifax House Serviced Offices 14-15, Frederick Rd
Arden Partners Ltd Stockbrokers Arden House, 17, Highfield Rd
Flair Photography TV and Video Production 32 Aboyne Close
Electronic Regeneration Services Ltd TV, DVD, DVD Players Parts and Repairs Unit 8, Rotton Park St
Business Intelligence Direct Ltd Telemarketing 24-26, Calthorpe Rd
The Midland Association of Restaurants, Caterers, Hotels and Entertainme Trade Associations P.O Box 2989
Birmingham University & College Union Trade Associations University of Birmingham
SIAS Ltd Transport Consultants 49, Frederick Rd
Centre For Russian And East European Studies Universities Edgbaston
International Relations Universities Edgbaston
Institute for German Studies Universities Edgbaston
Visual Imparement Centre for Teaching and Research Universities Edgbaston
Elizabeth Hall Associates Writers 6, Melville Hall, Holly Rd
Cavendish Imaging Xray The Westbourne Centre, 53, Church Rd
Sea Cadet Corps Youth and Community Groups Training Ship Vernon, Reservoir Rd
Name Category
Youth Action Network Youth and Community Groups Crest House, 7, Highfield Rd