Name Category
A Star Mini Travel Airports Transfers 216, Cefn Road
HMJ Bouncy Castles Bouncy Inflatables Entertainment House, Mansel Rd
A & S Builders (UK) Builders 148, Mansel Rd
Clement & Haigh Builders 48, Cefn Rd
Harry Rees & Son Builders 54, Jersey Rd
Rig Scaffolding Builders 176, Bonymaen Rd
G.A.S Gas Appliance Services Builders' Merchants 250, Jersey Rd
The Diner Family Kebab Cafe 1, Tydraw Rd
Bonymaen Chip Bar Cafe Bonymaen Rd
DH Sims Cafe 240, Jersey Rd
Mansel News Cafe 27, Mansel Rd
V & R General Stores Cafe 17, Jersey Rd
Pic-up Spares Car Dismantlers Jersey Rd, Winchwen
A & P Metals Car Dismantlers 33, Chepstow Place
M.J Leonard Motors Car Dismantlers 172, Bonymaen Rd
R J F Motors Car Dismantlers 172, Bonymaen Rd
A Plus Carpet and Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning 150, Mansel Rd
Helping Hands Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning 84, Cefn Rd
Squeaky Clean Services Carpet Cleaning 17, Cefn Llwyn
Alpha Plumbing Central Heating Service 84, Cefn Rd
Bonymaen Clinic Clinic Caernarvon Way
Drs Fareedi, Kasto, Hussain and Howells Clinic St. David's Surgery, Caldicot Close, Winchwen
Drs Mathur Y.B, Patel G.M and Juhasz A.C Clinic St. David's Medical Centre, 36, Caldicot Close, Winchwen
Name Category
Cefn Hengoed Leisure Centre Clinic Caldicot Rd, Winch-Wen
Creative Printing Colour Printer Flat 46, Princess Of Wales Court, Mansel Rd Colour Printer 416, Jersey Rd Colour Printer 100, Caernarvon Way
Bishop's Waste Removals Commercial Waste Disposal Tydraw Road
Purple Computer Systems Computer Networking and Cables 176, Bonymaen Rd
Elite Reinforcement Concrete Reinforcement 162, Mansel Rd
Tina Cooney Childminder Creches and Childminders 25, Tydraw Place
Jackanory Nursery Creches and Childminders Within The Community School, Caldicot Rd
Shapes Hair Designs Doctor 23, Caldicot Rd, Winch Wen
Ian Challacombe Driving School 20, Cefn Llwyn
WTG Financial Services Financial Advisors 163, Bonymaen Rd
Bonymaen P.O Fish and Chips Bonymaen Rd
D&G Hair n Beauty Hairdressers 18, Jersey Rd
Bonymaen Library Hairdressers Bonymaen Community Centre, Bonymaen Rd
APM Graphologists (Wales) Handwriting Analysis Banc Villa, 71, Cefn Rd
Kilvey Carriage House Horse Drawn Carriage Services 2 Greenfield Cottages, Tydraw Rd
CLJ Landscaping 3, Ogmore Place
JPS Locksmiths Locksmith 206, Jersey Rd
Hallowquest Pet Supplies Pet Supplies 1, Cwm Chapel Rd
GRS Ltd Residential and Retirement Homes 2, Pantygyfeila Farm, Tydraw Rd
The Princess of Wales Sheltered Accommodation Residential and Retirement Homes Princess of Wales Court, Mansel Rd
Bonymaen Family Centre Residential and Retirement Homes Cefn Hengoed School, Caldicot Rd, Winchwen
Name Category
Barman Utility Services Ltd Water Engineers Ty Cymru, Jersey Rd